SEMA Pickup Report

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SEMA Pickup Report

The SEMA Pickup Report provides an overview of the specialty-equipment market for pickup trucks. The report includes data collected on how consumers modify their pickups: what parts they buy, how they shop, and how specialty-equipment business can connect with them to help sell their products.

The report includes:

  • Information on parts and accessories that consumers have already purchased or intend to purchase
  • Which retail channels consumers use to purchase pickup modifications
  • Where consumers turn for information and ideas about new parts and accessories
  • Key differences between different types of pickup accessorizers and how you can tailor your marketing to them
  • Recommendations for the industry

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LTAA Media Preview

The Light Truck Accessory Alliance (LTAA) is once again hosting its popular Media Preview Day Monday, October 31, prior to the opening of the 2016 SEMA Show. Held in the Media Center located in the Sky Bridge of the LVCC, exhibiting LTAA manufacturers are able to maximize product exposure to over 150 members of the media. Throughout the four-hour event, exhibiting truck accessory manufacturers will meet face-to-face with editors and reporters making contacts and introducing their latest products without sacrificing valuable floor time with buyers.


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