Vehicle Make and Model Data For Selected Countries in the Americas 2005-2011: Argentina, Brazil and Mexico

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Included are the top selling cars, pickups and SUVs from 2005-2011. Source: SEMA calculations from IHS data.

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Webinar: Five Things You Must Know When Shipping Internationally

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Thursday, April 11, 2013; Charles Popick and Tom Leimkuhler, CPC Consultants

Overseas markets are increasingly lucrative for SEMA members. But pitfalls await the inexperienced. Before you pack the first box, learn these five keys to international shipping.

  • Should your company use direct or indirect exporting?
  • How do you select the right freight forwarder?
  • Who should your importer be?
  • Do you have the proper documents prepared correctly?

How can you optimize your process for lower duty fees? Find out how to assess risks, minimize costs, maximize profits and exert the strongest control over your products’ destinies. Case studies from Brazil, China and the Middle East explore problems and solutions, with best practices recommendations for small, midsize and large companies.

CPC Consultants has helped companies save millions of dollars in transportation, warehouse management, overall business operations and more. Founder and principal Charles Popick and partner Tom Leimkuhler will guide webinar participants to improve their procedures with strategic management advice, logistics suggestions and the insiders’ view of international shipping.

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