Promote Your Products Overseas With a Free International Listing—Deadline September 10

The U.S. Department of Commerce is offering free export promotion and
assistance for SEMA Show exhibitors whose products contain a minimum
of 51% U.S. content. The deadline to register is September 10.

Please note the U.S. government definition: 51% of the total pre-margin
value of the product or service. Marketing, packaging and domestic
transportation that are included in the pre-margin cost can be included
in the 51%.

SEMA Project Vehicles Go on Display at Automechanika Frankfurt

Visit the SEMA booth Hall 4.1 booth F69 at the upcoming
Automechanika Frankfurt Show taking place September 14–19. SEMA will
also display a number of fully customized American, European and
Japanese vehicles throughout the Accesssories and Tuning Hall 4.1.

Thanks to the European Tuning Association (ETO) and the German association (VDAT) for their assistance.

21 SEMA-Member Companies Join Beijing Excursion to See China's Auto Trends Firsthand

Subaru is a popular brand for modification in China, says Liu Qingfeng, owner of the online aftermarket company

“We found that about 40% of Subaru consumers seek high performance
products,” he said. Subaru owners are also enthusiastic car club
members; Liu reaches them through those clubs.

The Subaru brand is thriving in China—sales in the first seven months
of 2010 rose 78% on-year to 31,234 units, according to J.D. Power and
Associates. The best selling model was the Forester SUV at 20,124
units. The Outback was a distant second with sales of just more than 6,000

The Allure of China

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The allure of China is undeniable. Its rising incomes, growing middle class and fast-growing vehicle market all frequently make the news in the United States. Not all the news out of China is positive, however. Almost weekly, there are stories about counterfeit goods with ties to China. Counterfeit goods cost companies in the United States billions of dollars a year.  There is no denying that intellectual property rights (IPR) protection is a problem for companies doing business in China, be it sourcing products there or selling in the market. But that doesn’t mean you should stay away from doing business in China. SEMA-member companies that have done business in China have some advice for fellow SEMA members eyeing the China market with anticipation but also trepidation: Your products will almost certainly be copied, so take steps to protect yourself.

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Getting Started in International Commerce

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Companies that wish to extend their reach beyond U.S. borders can branch into emerging automotive markets that offer huge potential for increased sales. The keys to successful international ventures are careful research and reasonable expectations. The first step is to discover what vehicles are available in the target locale, and the second is to discover what products resonate with consumers there. SEMA offers several programs that can help get member companies started. 

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U.S. Department of Commerce Links SEMA Show Exhibitors With International Buyers

The U.S. Department of Commerce is offering free export promotion and
assistance for SEMA Show exhibitors whose products contain a minimum of
51% U.S. content. If your products meet this requirement, click here to complete the form for the free assistance and to register for your free listing in the International Buyers' Guide.

Feds Update Horizontal Merger Guidelines

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
revised the “Horizontal Merger Guidelines” to reflect changes in the
way mergers are reviewed since the guides were last revised in 1992.
Horizontal mergers are defined as two or more companies with similar
product lines. The guides help antitrust regulators from the DOJ and
FTC evaluate the likely competitive impact of mergers, distinguishing
between potentially harmful mergers versus mergers that will be
competitively beneficial or will likely have no competitive impact on
the marketplace.

Sales of Luxury Auto Brands Rise in China—Capitalize on Opportunity With Your Products

BMW expects its sales in China in 2010 to grow by 30% to 120,000 units.
Mercedes-Benz aims to sell more than 100,000 passenger vehicles in
China in 2010, the vice president of sales and marketing for
Mercedes-Benz Cars said in April. Audi, the top-selling luxury brand in
China, is on course to sell more than 200,000 units there in 2010.


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