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Webinar: Confused about the Healthcare Reform Law? What SEMA Members Need to Know About “Obamacare”

The “Affordable Care Act” continues to sow confusion for many SEMA members. You may have read recently that the Obama Administration has delayed implementation of the employer mandate portion of the health care law. So, what does this development mean for you? While, larger SEMA companies will still be required to offer healthcare coverage in 2014, penalties for non-compliance won’t be enforced until 2015.

Major New Initiative for Small Business Owners

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One of the fundamental components of last year’s health care law is the creation of health care “exchanges.”

While the law itself remains mired in controversy and threats of repeal, the state-based programs, if and when fully implemented, should make it easier for small-business owners and individuals to compare and select health care coverage. Exchanges are intended to create a competitive marketplace and increase access to affordable health care insurance.

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