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West Virginia Bill to Criminalize Certain Exhaust Systems

Legislation that would make it a criminal offense to disturb the peace has been introduced in the West Virginia House.

NHTSA to Recommend But Not Mandate New Car Emergency Braking Systems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) intends to add two automatic emergency braking systems to its list of recommended safety features as part of its five-star New Car Assessment Program.

Federal Legislation Advancing to Reduce Small Business Regulatory Burdens

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee passed legislation to expand the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA) and provide small businesses with a larger say in how federal government agencies draft regulations.

Maryland Bills to Provide for Single License Plate to Be Considered February 5, 2015

Legislation has been reintroduced in the Maryland House of Delegates to require the issuance of only a single license plate for all motor vehicles.

Virginia Bill to Exempt Some Antique Vehicles From Exhaust Restrictions Amended and Approved by Committee; Moves to Full Senate

Senate legislation (S.B. 702) to exempt antique motor vehicles from the requirement that they have exhaust systems of a type installed as standard factory equipment, or comparable to that designed for use on the particular vehicle as standard factory equipment, was approved with an amendment by the Senate Transportation Committee.

Washington State Introduces Bill to Provide for Single License Plate

Legislation has been introduced in the Washington State House of Representatives to allow the issuance, at the option of the vehicle owner, of only a single rear-mounted license plate.

Bill Reintroduced to Protect West Virginia Hobbyists From Unfair Exhaust Noise Citations

Legislation that would allow West Virginia’s vehicle hobbyists to install and use aftermarket exhaust systems that meet a 95-decibel limit was reintroduced by Delegate Gary Howell ( for the 2015 legislative session.

Wyoming House Approves Bill to Provide Single License Plate; Moves to Senate

The full House of Representatives approved legislation by an overwhelming 52–8 vote to provide for the issuance of a single license plate for motor vehicles that were not originally equipped with a display bracket on the front of the vehicle.

IRS Proposal Clarifies Use of R&D Credit for Software

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has issued a proposed rule that would allow companies to claim the research and development (R&D) tax credit for the cost of computer software that is developed primarily for a company’s internal use.
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