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EPA Approves Extending New Jersey’s Emissions Test Exemption

In 2010, SEMA-supported legislation to extend the emissions inspection exemption to vehicles five model years old or newer was signed into law, subject to approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Michigan Introduces Bill to Require Labeling on All Pumps Dispensing Ethanol Blended Gasoline

SEMA is supporting Michigan legislation requiring retail dealers that offer gasoline for sale to label those pumps dispensing ethanol-blended gasoline with a notice that indicates the grade of gasoline and the percentage of ethanol contained.

California Introduces Bill to Exempt Pre-1981 Vehicles From Emissions Inspection Requirement

In 2004, legislation was enacted to repeal California’s rolling emissions-test exemption for vehicles 30 years old and older and replace it with a law requiring the lifetime testing of all ’76 and newer model-year vehicles.

Maryland Historic Vehicle Registration Bills to Be Set Aside for Summer Study  

Despite amendments drafted by SEMA to ensure that the bill would not hurt legitimate historic vehicle owners, the Maryland House Environmental Matters Committee will not move forward with legislation that originally threatened to further limit the use of these cars. It’s likely that House lawmakers will set the bill aside for a summer study.

West Virginia Legislature Raises Limit on Property Taxes Paid on Antique/Classic Motor Vehicles  

A bill that originally provided a fair cap on property taxes paid by owners of antique and classic motor vehicles was amended and approved by the West Virginia State Legislature March 10 with a new $5,000 assessed value for all of these cars.

Virginia Bill to Benefit Vehicle Restoration Projects Approved by Legislature

Legislation that originally threatened to provide localities with the authority to raise from $100 to $500 the amount charged for an annual license tax for vehicles that do not display current license plates was approved by the Virginia State Legislature and now has been sent to the governor for his signature and enactment into law.

California Finalizes Program to Provide Amnesty to Owners of Illegally Titled/Registered Specially Constructed Vehicles

For the past several years, SEMA has been working with the California legislature and state agencies to provide protection for owners of improperly or illegally titled and registered specially constructed vehicles (SPCNS).

West Virginia Bill to Limit Property Taxes Paid on Antique/Classic Motor Vehicles Approved by Senate Transportation Committee

A SEMA-supported bill to provide owners of antique and classic motor vehicles with a cap on property taxes paid on these vehicles was passed by the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Wisconsin Assembly Joins Senate in Introducing Motor Vehicle Registration Rights Bill

Legislation has been introduced in the Wisconsin Assembly to provide legal registration to hobby vehicles with a clear title, required safety equipment and in good working order.

Connecticut Introduces Bill to Limit Access to Antique/Rare/Special Interest Motor Vehicle Registration, Increase Property Taxes

SEMA is opposing Connecticut legislation to increase the age requirement for vehicles eligible for registration as “antique, rare or special-interest motor vehicles.”
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