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SEMA Joins Forces to Repeal E15 Ethanol Mandates

SEMA has joined with a number of other trade associations to sponsor
“Smarter Fuel Future,” a website intended to raise awareness about the
economic and environmental threats posed by the United States’ current
biofuels policy. The policy has led the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) to permit the sale of gasoline with 15% ethanol content
(E15) in order to meet artificial demands to sell biofuels.

Democrats Gain Supermajority in California State Legislature

While most of the national attention during last November’s election
was devoted to the presidential race, an event critical to the state of
California also created news. With all the votes counted, one party has
garnered enough seats in both houses of California’s legislature to now
govern the state with a supermajority that can overturn a governor’s


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