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SEMA Model Exhaust Noise Bill Muffled in Hawaii

SEMA-model legislation that would have allowed vehicle hobbyists to install and use aftermarket modified exhaust systems that meet an objective noise limit died when the Hawaii State Legislature adjourned for the year.

Colorado Legislature Declines to Extend Emissions Inspection Waiver for Newer Cars

A SEMA-supported Colorado bill that originally sought to extend the emissions inspection exemption to vehicles that are eight model years old and newer died when the legislature adjourned for the year.

Hawaii Bill to Restrict Aftermarket Car Audio Equipment Fails to Pass as Legislature Adjourns   

Legislation to ban the installation, ownership or use of any car with aftermarket speakers more than 6.5 in. in height or depth, any five-speaker aftermarket system, any aftermarket speaker more than 100 watts and any aftermarket speaker installed external to the passenger compartment or in an open hatch back was deferred from consideration in 2011.

Bill to Restrict Consumer Information on Ethanol Content in Gasoline Dies in Nebraska

Persuaded by the opposition of SEMA, Nebraska legislation to remove labeling requirements on pumps dispensing ethanol-blended gasoline was “indefinitely postponed” in 2011.

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Study Finds Newer Vehicle Engines Could Be Damaged by E15 Fuel

A two-year study conducted by the Coordinating Research Council (CRC) concludes that at least 5 million newer vehicles on the road today could be threatened with engine damage from gasoline that contains 15% or 20% ethanol (E15/E20).

U.S. House of Representatives Votes to Support Off-Road Recreation in Johnson Valley, California

The U.S. House of Representatives amended the annual defense strategy bill to include a requirement that the United States Marines issue a report that considers alternative ways to share the “Johnson Valley” off-highway (OHV) recreation area in southern California without taking ownership rights to the land. The land has been managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for decades.

EPA Phasing Out Gas Pump Vapor Recovery Nozzles

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is phasing-out a rule that certain gasoline stations install vapor-recovery nozzles on gas pumps. The pollution-control devices have been required since 1994 in about 40 ozone non-attainment areas across the country.

Connecticut Bill to Restrict Access to Antique Vehicle Registration and Increase Fees Again Dies as Session Ends

SEMA-opposed legislation that threatened to increase the age requirement for vehicles eligible for registration as “antique, rare or special interest motor vehicles” died when the Connecticut Legislature adjourned for the year, suffering the same fate as an identical bill last year.

2012 SEMA Washington Rally Brings Industry Concerns to Capitol Hill

More than 70 SEMA members met with their U.S. Representatives and Senators as part of the May 9 Washington Rally, providing a valuable opportunity to urge members of Congress to pursue a pro-growth manufacturing and job creation agenda.
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