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Elections Have Consequences

Critical Decisions Will Have Lasting Effects on Small-Business Community As the 2012 SEMA Show opens its doors, the world’s eyes will be focused on the final days of this year’s contentious election campaign. Candidates across the country are making their closing arguments to attract any undecided voters who may still have a chance of affecting the final outcome.

SEMA News—November 2012

By Dan Sadowski

Elections Have Consequences

Critical Decisions Will Have Lasting Effects on Small-Business Community

SEMA Compiles Comprehensive Guide to Federal Regulation of Aftermarket Parts

SEMA's Government Affairs Office has compiled a comprehensive guide on how motor-vehicle parts are regulated by the federal government, which can be viewed at It is a must-read document for every SEMA member. 

Pennsylvania Bill to Exempt Newer Cars From Emissions Inspection Passes Senate; Moves to House

SEMA-supported legislation to provide a 10-year emissions-inspection exemption for vehicles never before registered in Pennsylvania or any other jurisdiction was approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Federal Trade Commission Updates Guide on “Green” Advertising Claims

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has updated its “Green Guides,” which are intended to help marketers avoid misleading environmental claims. The Guides were first issued in 1992, but have not been revised since 1998.

Tire Age No Longer a Reason for California Service Providers to Refuse Tire Pressure Checks

All California automobile service providers are required to check tire pressures for every vehicle being repaired at their facility as of September 2010. The law applies to auto maintenance/repair providers but not to auto parts distributers/retailers, auto body/paint facilities, auto glass installers or wreckers/dismantlers.

Election Day Is Almost Here—Don’t Forget Your Absentee Ballot!

With less than four weeks to go before Election Day, time is running out to secure your absentee ballot. Although Election Day falls the week after this year’s SEMA Show, make sure to obtain an absentee ballot if you will be unable to vote in person, Tuesday, November 6.

Are You Subject to EPA Regulation of Flame Retardant Chemicals Found In Auto Products?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to increase the regulation of flame-retardant chemicals known as polybrominated diphenylether (PBDEs) that are added to plastics and many other materials.

California to Create Standards for Self-Driving Cars

California legislation to allow driverless cars to be operated on public roads for testing purposes, provided that each vehicle has a fully licensed and bonded operator in the driver’s seat to take control if necessary, was signed into law.

California Governor Mandates That Electronic Key Law Be Applied Uniformly

In 2007, California began requiring car manufacturers to give electronic key replacement information to registered locksmiths so lost electronic keys could be replaced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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