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Tax Cut Compromise Includes Payroll Tax Cut, R&D Credit Extension

President Obama and Republican leaders have reached a compromise
“framework” for a two-year extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for
all income levels, set to expire on December 31. The lawmakers also
agreed to a 13-month extension of federal unemployment benefits and a
one-year reduction in the worker’s Social Security payroll tax (FICA)
from 6.2% to 4.2%.

SEMA Supports Redesigned Mileage Labels for New Cars

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) intend to expand the amount of
fuel-economy information contained on the vehicle window sticker. Among
other changes, the information will now include the amount of carbon
dioxide emitted by the vehicle. SEMA submitted comments in favor of
incorporating graphics, increasing type size and using other visual
tools to help focus consumer attention, a position taken by the

SEMA Comments on Vermont Motor Vehicle Inspection Proposal

In comments to a proposed inspection regulation issued by the Vermont
Department of Motor Vehicles, SEMA supported a provision that would
exempt vehicles registered as exhibition vehicles from OBD II
requirements. Under state law, an exhibition vehicle is defined as a
motor vehicle which is maintained solely for use in exhibitions, club
activities, parades and other functions of public interest and which
is not used for the transportation of passengers or property on any
highway, except to attend such functions. SEMA also recommended that
the exhibition vehicle definition be expanded to include a vehicle used
for personal recreational travel not to exceed 2,500 miles per year.

Election Day Results Signal Successes for SEMA PAC

SEMA’s Political Action Committee (SEMA PAC) entered election day with
high hopes for candidates supportive of small business and our
industry. When the votes were counted, each candidate that SEMA PAC
contributed to during the general election had won their contests.
These electoral successes are the result of SEMA’s
relationship-building efforts on Capitol Hill and identifying lawmakers
who share your enthusiasm for small-business development and the
automotive hobby.

Mike Dingell to Head SEMA Action Network

SEMA announced that Mike Dingell has joined the Washington team as its government and public affairs manager. His focus will be on developing
and enhancing the SEMA Action Network (SAN). Dingell comes to SEMA
after spending five years in the state & local affairs division of
the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action.
Previously, he served on Capitol Hill as an aide to Senator Joe


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