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SEMA UTV Accessorization Survey

Preview of a New Report on the Side-by-Side Accessory MarketplaceSpurred by the growth in the number of utility task vehicles (UTVs) over the last decade, SEMA recently released a new report examining the size, types of accessories and accessory purchasing processes involved in this burgeoning powersports segment. UTVs, also known as side-by-sides, evolved as an offshoot of the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) market. The earliest models were spawned by the need for greater cargo capacity for those who used three- and four-wheel cycles for work tasks on farms, job sites, golf courses and other areas where off-road performance was required but a fullsize pickup was unnecessary or too cumbersome.
SEMA News—April 2014

By Steve Campbell

SEMA UTV Accessorization Survey

Preview of a New Report on the Side-by-Side Accessory Marketplace

Spurred by the growth in the number of utility task vehicles (UTVs) over the last decade, SEMA recently released a new report examining the size, types of accessories and accessory purchasing processes involved in this burgeoning powersports segment.

Japan Custom-Car Market Overview

Though Japan slipped from the number-three car consumer worldwide in 2011 to number five in 2012, love for automobiles remains very strong among the Japanese. Like Americans, the Japanese are holding on to their cars longer, which makes for a very interesting opportunity for the custom market. People have a desire to give their cars a facelift after a few years when they hold on to them, and that results in more sales for those engaged in the custom-car market. From swapping out wheels to updating headlights to modernizing the entertainment system, the aftermarket business in Japan is booming, and consumers continue to look for new products to enhance their driving experiences.

SEMA News—March 2014

By Jeff Kagawa

SEMA Helps Save Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area

Intense Advocacy Effort Results in Decisive Victory for Recreation EnthusiastsFor more than six years, a battle brewed over the future of the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recreation Area in the Southern California desert. The issue was simple: how to expand the adjoining Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms while preserving recreation access to 189,000 acres at Johnson Valley. The Marines needed the additional land to simulate movements of brigade-level expeditionary forces (about 15,000 troops), and the Johnson Valley topography seemed ideal for training purposes. The debate reached a critical point in 2013, and a decision required Congressional approval. As a result of a consistent grassroots effort from SEMA and many partner organizations, a legislative solution was reached to create a dedicated OHV recreation area and provide land for military training exercises.

SEMA News—March 2014

By Stuart Gosswein

Racing Into the Black

Find Profit With Performance Parts From the 2013 SEMA ShowFor buyers that specialize in high-performance accessories, the 2013 SEMA Show was “the place” to discover new trends, and potential profit centers. Hundreds of exhibitors dedicated to power and performance were on hand, offering the latest in turbochargers, superchargers, exhausts, headers and much, much more. Racing and Performance exhibitors also submitted a wide variety of products into the Show’s annual New Products Showcase. Page through this special section and enjoy identifying the products that belong either on your store’s shelves or in your personal garage. Also, take time to review journalist Steve Campbell’s interviews with industry executives, offering their thoughts about the trends they perceive and some words of advice about what might lie ahead.

SEMA News—March 2014


Racing Update

Some Hot Segments to WatchFor many businesses in the automotive aftermarket, racing remains the lifeblood. This industry was founded on passion and performance, and automotive racing continues to drive product research and development and retail sales, inspiring manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike. After taking a hit from a rough economy over the past several years, racing is seeing a resurgence. While many motorsports segments are trending upward, there are a few in particular that merit watching in the coming year. Following the trends in these hot segments can lead to greater marketing success for all levels of the industry.

SEMA News—March 2014

By Mike Imlay

The Twitterization of Facebook

A Whole New Way for Companies to Promote With HashtagsCompanies looking to join highly specific conversations happening on Facebook now have an easy way to get there: Facebook hashtags. Essentially, Facebook allows users to categorize a conversation they’re having on the social network by using a simple hashtag (#) and keyword in their post. For example, log onto Facebook and type #InternetMarketing in Facebook’s search box, and you’ll be presented with all the posts on Facebook coded with that hashtag/keyword.

SEMA News—February 2014

By Joe Dysart

SEMA Show 2013 Coverage—The Next Best Thing to Being There

Thousands of reporters and journalists attend the SEMA Show each year with the goal of sharing new products and trends with consumers who are unable to see what’s happening in person. Many of the journalists represent automotive publications. However, as vehicle customization becomes more mainstream and consumers seek to personalize everything from cell-phone covers to coffee orders, general interest in the SEMA Show increases. Representatives from daily newspapers and mainstream outlets come to the SEMA Show to share with their readers news on how they can personalize their vehicles, whether with something as simple as a custom floor mat or seat cover or with a new paint scheme or engine component.

SEMA News—February 2014


Wheel & Wheel-Accessory New Products

The wheel segment continues to be among the most robust in the automotive specialty-equipment industry, as evidenced by the dozens of wheel manufacturers that exhibited at the recent SEMA Show. Wheel builders continue to refine manufacturing techniques such as laser cutting for high-quality surface finishes and evolving designs that include deep concaves, mesh spokes and revolving caps. The following pages highlight some of the innovations from exhibitors in the Wheels & Accessories section, as seen in the 2013 SEMA Show New Products Showcase.

SEMA News—February 2014

By Steve Campbell

Free Product Data Exports Available to SEMA Members

SEMA-member companies that are resellers or distributors may obtain an unlimited number of product data exports from the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) at absolutely no cost. The savings—available to any SEMA-member receiver in the SDC—totals $1,200 per year and is the newest incentive for members to join the SDC.Launched in March 2012 with a beta test, the SDC is now a fully operational service that makes it possible for businesses to easily obtain valuable information about products from manufacturers. Information includes weights and measures, accurate descriptions, current pricing, UPCs, images, other digital assets and more. Details also include rich vehicle-application data and year/make/model look-ups.

SEMA News—February 2014



GM HD Single-Cab, Chassis-Cab Prototypes and 2016 Ford Raptor Mule?

SEMA News—January 2014



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