SEMA Education Institute Offers Automotive Specialty Equipment Industry Top-Notch Business, Sales and Product Training Programs

To continue helping its members maximize business results, SEMA has launched a new state-of-the-art online learning center, the SEMA Education Institute (SEI), that will deliver first-class training and education programs of all types to the specialty-equipment industry

New SEMA Training Course Focuses on New Retail Employees, Immediate Tools

The SEMA Education Institute's (SEI) newly released sales training course "Focus on the Customer: Introduction to Selling" is proving to be an effective tool for increasing sales skills for both new and veteran retailers alike.

"One of our goals is to become a training partner with our SEMA members" stated Bob Price, SEI's Executive Director. "This course focuses on the needs of new retail employees and teaches practical selling tools that can be applied on the job immediately."

60 Seconds Is All You Have - It’s All You Need

About this product:

We all are working harder than ever at keeping businesses and the industry alive and moving forward. Your time is at a premium. SEMA knows this. Here are a handful of quick, easy-to-use silver bullets to help your company make progress. Take 60 seconds, and load up.

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Students and Grads—Can You Afford to Ignore $4,000 in Scholarships?

Few can deny the importance of additional funding toward college tuition. If your situation is the same as so many others striving to pursue higher education on a so-so budget, then you need to take advantage of a unique opportunity: Apply for a SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund or a Loan Forgiveness Scholarship to pay off your outstanding student loans.

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Recession Survival Series

SEMA Recession Survival Series WebinarsThe economy is in crisis. Businesses are losing ground; some are failing. Now is the time to act, to learn how to match your team’s skills and technology to the requirements of the day. In response to the prevailing crisis, SEMA is launching a series of web-based seminars over the next six weeks to provide immediate help to its member companies.

SEMA Education Institute (SEI)

SEMA recognizes how integral training is to its members’ success and has invested in the development of a world-class, web-based learning enterprise. That learning enterprise is the SEI, and its goal is to provide members with programs and information that will maximize business results. The SEI has partnered with software developers, subject-matter experts and professional educators to build the best learning program possible. The four areas that the SEI will focus its efforts on are:


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