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Building a Better Restoration Market

The bedrock of the automotive specialty-equipment industry is the parts that are used to build, restore and modify vehicles of all types. Every segment of the industry counts on parts that are properly designed, engineered and manufactured to operate as promised. Within the restoration segment, however, those standards are complicated by the fact that the vehicles involved are anywhere from two decades to nearly a century old.

SEMA News—June 2011

Communication Is Always the Key


By Steve Campbell

ProPledge: Customize With Confidence

The ProPledge Program—Why You Need to Be Involved SEMA News recently had an opportunity to catch up with ProPledge Director of Operations Joe Sebergandio. Having just returned from the annual National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) conference, where he and the rest of the ProPledge staff met with potential participants, Sebergandio took time out to discuss the fundamentals of ProPledge as well as provide insight into the program’s future.

SEMA NEWS - April 2010

The ProPledge Program—Why You Need to Be Involved


From left: Nathan Ward, Tops & Trends; David Sheffler, Katzkin Leather; Kirk Scott, Katzkin Leather; Bill North, Webasto; Joe

Russian Car and Specialty- Equipment Market Growing Fast

About this product:

The customizing bug has hit Russian shores, fueled by rising wages and growing consumer confidence. As credit has become more readily available in an improving economy, a growing number of middle-class Russians are buying cars and SUVs—often for the first time—and a growing portion of these motorists are customizing their vehicles.

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