Chinese Drivers Want U.S. Brakes–Reach Out to Them Through Exclusive SEMA Conference

Drivers in China are going farther and faster and that is creating opportunities for U.S. brake manufacturers.

“Roads in China are getting better each year, so cars go faster and
more demands are placed on brake products,” said a Shandong, China-based
performance parts importer, retailer and wholesaler located in the
northeast part of the country. “Foreign brands have good word of mouth
and good feedback, thus I think they have a good future.”

U.S. Government Investigates Chinese Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has initiated an
investigation into the effects of Chinese intellectual property rights
(IPR) infringement on U.S. jobs and the economy, along with China's
so-called “indigenous innovation policies.” The latter refers to a
Chinese initiative, which encourages domestic companies to develop their
own technology and brands instead of simply manufacturing foreign

Luxury Car Sales Spur Chinese Demand for Performance Products and Dynos

The market for performance dynamometers in China is modest at the
moment, reflecting the newness of the country’s performance car
culture. But China is a market to watch, said companies making the
high-tech tuning machines. One thing that should boost demand for
dynos in China is the fast growth in luxury car sales. Luxury car
buyers want, and can afford, performance-boosting products for their
car. Tuner shops will need dynos to guarantee top performance. Dyno
manufacturers are betting on the market growing and are actively
signing up distributors to supply these new potential customers.

Find Out Which Products Chinese Distributors and Buyers Wish to Source From the United States

Nearly two-dozen distributors and buyers have contacted SEMA to
introduce themselves and the products they hope to source at the SEMA
China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) business development conference, held in Beijing, China, September 23–26,
2010. Performance and off-road products figure prominently in the type
of products Chinese wholesalers and retailers want to source from U.S.

China eNews - Vol 2

SEMA 中国电子新闻月刊-第二期

我们很高兴为大家奉上第二期的SEMA 中国电子新闻月刊。如果你想阅读首期电子新闻月刊,请点击这里。在首期的SEMA 中国电子新闻月刊中,我们刊登了有关SEMA CIAPE 中国商务发展会议的相关活动及中国政府有关汽车改装市场法律方面的最新动态。如果你参加这次盛会,你将有机会会晤美国领先品牌公司。


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