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More Than Half of China's Imports Are SUVs—Get a Foothold in the Market

Registrations of imported cars in China surged 90.2% in 2010, according to the Japanese research company Fourin Inc., with imports topping 600,000 units last year. SUVs accounted for 51.7% of all imports during that period, based on new vehicle registration data, says Fourin’s China Automotive Intelligence Report No. 24, December, 2010.

Deadline Approaching for SEMA China Priority Booth Selection

Companies have until June 15 to participate in the priority booth selection process for the SEMA China Business Development Conference taking place September 7–10 in Beijing, China.

Tariff Codes Demystified: Exporting to China?

Below are some SEMA-member products, corresponding government code (harmonized system [HS]) and the tariff rates. Don’t see your product here? Members can contact to find out their tariff rates to export product to China.

U.S.-Brand SUV Specialty Products in Demand in China

SEMA recently interviewed a number of off-road shops throughout China—in Hangzhou, Yunnan Province, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen—about the type of vehicles they are currently working on, how brand-aware are their customers and typical customizations.

Meet With Key Players in the Fastest-Growing Specialty Market in the World

From wheels to high-performance suspensions, the specialty-equipment market's luxury segment has a lot of potential for SEMA members. To learn more about this market, participate in the 2011 SEMA CIAPE China Business Development Conference.

Buyers in China Have Growing Wish List

Sellers of accessories and performance products hailing from every corner of the Chinese mainland who have registered for the upcoming SEMA CIAPE China Business Development Conference have identified the products they wish to source from American manufacturers on their growing wish list.

15 Facts About China’s SUV Market

The following are 15 facts regarding China's SUV market. You can learn more about this growing market by attending the SEMA China International Auto Parts Expo (CIAPE) China Business Development Conference in Beijing, September 7–10, 2011.

This Just Out: New Estimate of the Total Number of Passenger Vehicles in China

It’s hard to miss news about the fast growth of China’s passenger-vehicle market. Sales rose by 37% in 2010 to 11.9 million units, according to J.D. Power and Associates. In the United States, sales of light vehicles rose by 11% to 11.6 million units.

Your Brand in Front of 1.3 Billion Chinese Consumers: Here’s How

Bushwacker Inc. and SCT Performance are among those SEMA-member brands being actively promoted in China. SEMA China eNews—a Chinese-language monthly SEMA publication being distributed to thousands of distributors and retailers thoughout China—will feature these two SEMA manufacturers as well as others interested in selling to the largest automotive market in the world.
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