SEMA Manufacturers and WDs Complete Second Phase of Data Synchronization Project

SEMA’s Business Technology Committee (BTC) has completed Phase II of its Data Pool Pilot Program, which involves SEMA manufacturers and their warehouse distributor trading partners. The findings confirm that non-standardized and vital missing product data between suppliers and distributors results in lost sales opportunities, ordering delays, excess inventory and expensive order-processing errors.

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SEMA News: Can you briefly explain your role and the role of your department at SEMA?

Alise Miner: The role of my department is to assist in the day-to-day operations of the association.

BTC Data Pilot Phase 2 White Paper

About this product:

Phase Two Goals:

Continue to prove the inefficiencies of current data practices and use this information to educate the industry and encourage member companies to examine and improve their product data practices.

Show the participants that perfect data, properly harmonized, lowers costs, enhances customer service, shortens time to market and increases sales.

To confirm that existing data standards (AAIA Catalog Enhanced Standards or ACES) and (Product Information Exchange Standards or PIES) were generally appropriate to our market segment and to discover and suggest changes to the standards as needed.

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