Board of Directors 2012-2015 Nominees

Tim Watts, 2012 - 2015 Board of Directors Nominee

2012-2015 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Tim Watts

As a true automotive enthusiast, I have been fortunate to make a career out of something I am truly passionate about.  I am currently the vice president of sales and marketing for Superlift Suspension Systems.  I began my career with Superlift over 20 years ago and have had an active role in growing a small company into a large one.  Over the years I have been involved in every facet of operations, with most of my efforts focused on sales and servicing accounts.  Hands-on involvement at all levels – manufacturing, distribution and retail – provides me invaluable insight into the challenges our industry faces, and what role SEMA can realistically serve in addressing them.

Finishing my second term as a SEMA Board Member, I am active in the Light Truck Accessory Alliance (LTAA) and serve as the Board Liaison for YEN.  I have served on the YEN Select Committee, Advanstar’s Off-Road Advisory Council, twice on the SEMA Nominating Committee, DATA Co-op Evaluation Task Force, DATA Co-op Focus Group, DATA Co-op Oversight Task Force, WD of the Year Task Force, and SEMA Person of the Year Task Force.  I am currently on the SEMA Show Committee, Suspension Task Force, Electronic Stability Control Work Group, Marketing Task Force, and chair  the SEMA – Clemson CU ICAR Task Force.

Russell Stephens, 2012 - 2015 Board of Directors Nominee

2012-2015 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Russell Stephens

Dear Industry Leader,

It is a great honor to be nominated to run for election for a seat on the SEMA Board of Directors. Serving the industry through a Board position is a great responsibility and I am prepared to work diligently to make decisions that will grow and protect our beloved industry.  I need your vote to make sure that all stakeholders in the automotive aftermarket have an environment to thrive and grow. 

Currently, I am President of MSD and Racepack and have spent 30 years in the automotive aftermarket. Through this tenure I have developed extensive, long-term relationships with manufacturers, warehouse distributors, rep organizations, retailers and sanctioning bodies that will give me great understanding when making the tough decisions that will be required on the Board.

Service to our industry is important to me. I have served four years on the SEMA Board of Directors, two terms on the Motorsports Parts Manufacturer’s Council (MPMC) select committee, and seven years on the SEMA WD of the Year committee.

Tracie Nunez, 2012 - 2015 Board of Directors Nominee

2012-2015 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Tracie Nunez

Dear SEMA member,

I am humbled to be on the SEMA Board of Directors ballot. My passion is making a difference by creating a positive change in people and in our industry. I am a strategic thinker who is able to work in a collaborative environment. My work history and SEMA council experience shows this. Most importantly, I have the courage to take on difficult challenges and to work toward solutions.

Manufacturing Experience:
• 13 years with ACT as CEO.
• Key player in establishing the ACT brand name.
• Responsible for the day-to-day entire organization.
Distribution Experience:
• 8 years with Avery Dennison, an office supplies manufacturer.
• Worked in several distribution facilities specializing in shipping, logistics and inventory control.

Adrian Murray, 2012 - 2015 Board of Directors Nominee

2012-2015 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Adrian Murray

It is a great privilege and an honor to serve on the SEMA Board of Directors as it is a vehicle by which to give back to this industry which has been my home since 1978.  I am asking for your vote for a second term on the board.

It has been an interesting and rewarding 34-year journey, from servicing traditional jobbers and warehouse distributors in Southern California, heavy-duty fleets in Texas, performance distributors and volume retailers while vice president of sales for Edelbrock, and now president and owner of Painless Performance Products in Fort Worth.  This rich cross-section of experience in every facet of the aftermarket has provided the perspective needed to embrace the challenges before us.

Wherever there is challenge, there is opportunity.  In the years ahead we must confront an aging demographic, technological hurdles, shifting distribution patterns, legislative obstacles, infringement upon intellectual property rights, regulatory burdens and more.  Turning these challenges into opportunities will require a board of directors for SEMA that is responsive to and understanding of the needs of its members. 

Bob Moore, 2012 - 2015 Board of Directors Nominee

2012-2015 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Bob Moore

As the chairman of the SEMA Business Technology Committee and the Board member who has led the development SEMA Data Cooperative, I need your support to return me to the Board so I can be there at this critical junction and finish this important work. 

The past four years that I have served on the SEMA Board have been incredibly productive from a business technology standpoint. We finally realized the dream of establishing an industry data pool that will make high-quality catalog and product data more accessible to all strata of the industry at a substantial savings. This project can and will do more to expand our ability to sell our products to and through more outlets than any other initiative in SEMA history. 

Over my 30-plus year career in the automotive aftermarket, I have been exposed to virtually every segment of this exciting business. The consulting company that I formed in 1996 that is now called J&B Service has allowed me to be “inside” dozens of manufacturers, distributors and retailers, giving me a unique perspective from “all sides of the street.” I write a monthly column called “Ahead of the Curve” for Aftermarket Business, which focuses on business issues that affect us all. 

John Hotchkis, 2012 - 2015 Board of Directors Nominee

2012-2015 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, John Hotchkis

My two years of SEMA Board service has flown by. There is much more to accomplish! I am grateful for the opportunity to run again for the Board of Directors. As a manufacturer, I believe that our trade association needs to have strong voices with a deep understanding of the daily challenges facing manufacturers and business owners. I wholeheartedly believe in the benefits SEMA offers its membership and want to continue to ensure that your views and opinions are represented on the board.

Following 10 years in motorsports and graduation from Art Center College of Design, I entered our industry in 1989 as marketing director of Guldstrand Engineering Inc. In 1992, I founded Hotchkis Performance to manufacture performance suspension. I continue to serve as president, responsible for design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing. I believe in the value of a robust, nationwide and international product distribution system, and early-on I signed up an extremely effective group of WDs, jobbers and installers.

Bill Holland, 2012 - 2015 Board of Directors Nominee

2012-2015 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Bill Holland

I am honored to be one of the candidates nominated to run for the first-ever Services category seat on the SEMA Board of Directors, and pledge to serve the industry to the best of my ability. I feel that my widespread experience, unbridled enthusiasm and genuine desire to contribute to our industry’s growth can be assets to the SEMA membership.

My industry involvement goes back to 1968, when I attended the SEMA Show at Dodger Stadium as part-owner of a speed shop, while also employed by the Hollywood Citizen-News/Valley Times newspapers. From there I went to work for NHRA as the editor of their newsweekly, National Dragster. This gave me the opportunity to travel the country and meet a wide cross-section of the industry. In 1974 I struck out on my own and formed what is now Holland Communications, Inc., an advertising and public relations agency specializing in the performance industry. We joined SEMA in 1975, and have since been part of an ever-evolving media/technology landscape.

Nick Gramelspacher, 2012 - 2015 Board of Directors Nominee

2012-2015 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Nick Gramelspacher

Please consider me when casting your vote for the SEMA Board of Directors.

I look forward to bringing new ideas and identifying challenges among us to serve and grow the industry into the future. If elected, you can count on me to serve you tirelessly.

It is an honor to be nominated for the SEMA Board of Directors, and I look forward to serving the industry with your consideration and vote. My experience as national sales director at a leading warehouse distributor, solid work ethic and passion for the industry will be exercised to the fullest extent and in the best interests of the SEMA membership.

Employment Summary: Meyer Distributing 1999–Present
Starting in the shipping department in 1999, within six months I moved into the sales department with purchasing responsibilities. In 2006, I was promoted to national sales director and currently hold this position.

My tenure has been integral to growing Meyer Distributing from a single location, three-state distributor to 24 locations distributing to 40 states, while expanding the original 50 product lines to beyond 300 lines. As Meyer grows, I gain new insight on the ever- changing and growing business of aftermarket automotive accessories.

Luanne Brown, 2012 - 2015 Board of Directors Nominee

2012-2015 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Luanne Brown

It is definitely an honor to be recognized by your peers and never more so than to be nominated again for the SEMA Board of Directors. Thank you for your confidence!

Please let me share some details about my early professional career and my SEMA-related activities. I worked in the accounting department with Sheraton Hotels, and, soon thereafter, I was hired by Media 1 Interactive as the business manager/CFO.

In 2001, I took a leap of faith and started eTool Developers LLC with a staff of one (myself). The staff has since grown to eight. Over the past 10 years, eTool Developers has provided services for many SEMA companies and for the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA) to create PWA University— a landmark online education and training venue for PWA members. eTool Developers also developed the Performance Automotive Retailer (PAR) Locator, an online program designed to help consumers find local retail shops to purchase performance parts.

Tom Brooks, 2012 - 2015 Board of Directors Nominee

2012-2015 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Tom Brooks

Having served on the SEMA Board in the past, I would welcome the opportunity to serve again. My experience includes knowledge of the industry from more than 30 years as the owner and operator of Truckin Thunder, a retail business selling and installing automotive aftermarket parts and accessories.

Beyond the industry, I am a member of the Virginia Council of CEOs, which focuses on the sustainment and promotion of small businesses within the Commonwealth. In addition, Truckin Thunder is a 10-year sponsor of the Sportsman Division at the Virginia Motor Speedway.

Industry Experience:
1978– present: President & Founder, Truckin Thunder
1978 Charter Member, Truck Cap Industry Association
1992–1999: Board of Directors, TCAA


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