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Global Media Awards

Winners Announced at the SEMA Show International Happy HourNearly 160 SEMA Show exhibitors were notified on Wednesday morning of the recent 2014 SEMA Show that one or more of their products were Global Media Award winners. Twenty-six international journalists sitting on an elite panel from 15 countries chose the products. Receiving three Global Media Awards was “probably the biggest highlight out of a week full of highlights for WipeNew,” commented first-time SEMA Show exhibitor Wipe New’s Vice President Nick Naylor.
SEMA News—February 2015


Innovations in Wheels and Wheel Accessories

Introductions From the New Products Showcase at the 2014 SEMA ShowOne of the most common adages in the automotive specialty-equipment industry is that the quickest and easiest way to change the character of an automobile is to change its wheels. As anyone who toured the displays in the lower South Hall at the 2014 SEMA Show can attest, the variety available is stunning. From plated to painted and concave to split-spoked, the displays drew thousands of buyers from every type of reseller, and there were equally impressive new tools to provide mounting, handling and balancing options for installers.
SEMA News—February 2015



YEN Launch Pad Helps Propel Young EntrepreneursFew automotive specialty-equipment veterans doubt that the industry’s future rests in identifying potential young entrepreneurs and igniting in them the sort of passion and bold innovation that will create a fresh new generation of market leaders. The question is: how? Launching new ideas today is daunting even for large companies with plenty of resources, let alone for young, small-business-minded men and women.
SEMA News—February 2015


Securing the Cloud

Key Contract ProvisionsWhile untold numbers of businesses are saving money by moving to the cloud, IT experts say that these companies need to ensure that their cloud contracts include ironclad security protections or they’ll suffer an uncertain future.“Look at the news on any given day,” said Ron Zalkind, chief technology officer at CloudLock, a service provider that helps companies secure public cloud accounts, such as Google Apps and Sales Force. “You’ll clearly see that the number of risks and data breaches is accelerating.” Moreover, getting from “uncertainty” to “protected” can be more difficult than you might expect, given that many providers of cloud services are reluctant to put their security assurances in writing.
SEMA News—February 2015


SEMA Show Ends With an After Party

For the first time in its long history, the 2014 SEMA Show ended with an “after party” called SEMA Ignited, where the general public viewed hundreds of cars and trucks from the trade-only event. Thousands of enthusiasts came out to get up close with one-of-a-kind cars, trucks and SUVs. Reporters flocked to SEMA Ignited as well to witness the thrill and excitement of this brand-new venue. Read on to see what reporters had to say about the first-ever SEMA Ignited. And tune in to the one-hour TV special scheduled to air on the Velocity Network in March 2015 to see footage of the event and the Battle of the Builders competition that culminated at SEMA Ignited.
SEMA News—February 2015


Rich Barsamian SEMA Person of the Year

Over the course of his career, Rich Barsamian has forged an impressive list of accomplishments while working for some of the industry’s most recognized companies, including Grant, Edelbrock, GT Performance Products and Advanced Clutch Technology. Along the way, he has also served on SEMA select committees for the Young Executive Network (YEN), the Motorsports Parts Manufacturer Council (MPMC), the Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA) and the SEMA Scholarship Committee.
SEMA News—February 2015


Wild Outdoor Headers

Hot Rod magazine’s LeRoi Smith took this photo in the spring of 1963 outside of Barr’s Muffler Shop in Studio City, California, for an article on building a cost-effective exhaust system for an Olds-powered hot-rod roadster. That’s Bobby Barr in the foreground talking to Jerry Eames by the tube bender. This photo is an outtake from the shoot; in the photo that appeared in the magazine, Barr and Eames are far more intent on their work. According to Smith, the whole exhaust system—the open headers plus cut-outs to glasspack-filled pipes running under the car—cost just $150.
SEMA News—February 2015


By Drew Hardin
Photo Courtesy Petersen Archive

Fast Facts

Breaking news from SEMA member companies, including Wes-Coast Marketing, Truck Accessories Group, Air Lift Co., VP Racing Fuels, Challenger Lifts and more.
SEMA News—February 2015

Fast Facts

Are You Using New SEMA Tools to Meet Vehicle Technology Challenges?

Those who have attended the SEMA Show are likely aware of SEMA’s collaborative relationship with the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR). SEMA’s partnership with CU-ICAR is now in its fifth year. It’s been a great partnership that yields useful tools to help SEMA members cope with vehicle technology and advance their products. Clemson has state-of-the-art equipment and top engineering talent to stay abreast of the newest automotive technologies. By connecting CU-ICAR and its graduate-level students and professors with the aftermarket, SEMA is shaping world-class research into practical tools for our member companies.One example is the just-released “Ride Guide,” a publication that puts more science into the matter of wheel/tire performance and selection. With support from SEMA and the Wheel & Tire Council (WTC), CU-ICAR recently conducted months of testing to determine the performance differences of varying wheel and tire combinations.
SEMA News—February 2015


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