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Tools & Equipment Products

It is almost a given that anyone involved in the automotive specialty-equipment industry is a tool fanatic. Enthusiasts, technicians, retailers, executives—everybody has an appreciation for a tool or a piece of equipment that improves quality or makes a job easier or quicker.

SEMA News—September 2012

By Steve Campbell

Tools & Equipment Products

The Parts That Do the Work

2012 SEMA Show Floorplan Live

The floorplan for the 2012 SEMA Show is live and available on the SEMA Show website at More than 1,800 exhibitors recently participated in the Priority Space Selection process, which concluded on June 22.

SEMA News—July 2012


SEMA Show Coverage From Every Angle

Whether you attended the 2011 SEMA Show or not, we always recommend checking out the media coverage after the Show. Thousands of media representatives attend the Show each year and their goal is to scour the Show floor for the hottest and best new products available. They’re not simply looking to meet with a few manufacturers. Rather, they’re reporting on the Show so that they can share what’s new with their audience. Below, are just a few examples of the coverage that resulted. As you see more articles, add them to your personal list of Required Reading—you may discover some products that you missed while in Vegas!

SEMA News—April 2012


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