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SEMA Show YEN Scholarship Recap

During the 2011 SEMA Show, the Young Executives Network (YEN) initiated a new program. The SEMA Show YEN Scholarship Program brought three young professionals to the annual trade show through a program aimed to help fund individuals’ travel expenses. The “scholarship” was made available to only SEMA- and YEN-member company employees who were under the age of 40. Participants were asked to participate in specific Show events (the Industry Awards Banquet, the YEN reception, educational seminars, etc.) as part of their obligation to SEMA and their employers.

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Julia Johnson is a woman after my own heart and one of many trailblazers and difference makers in our industry. She always loved cars but was kind of intimidated by them, so she put her interest aside until she received a class schedule from Skyline College of San Bruno, California. Intrigued, she enrolled in the automotive aftermarket program there, received enthusiastic support from her teachers because of her passion for the industry and is now an instructor for the program herself. Her mission is to let women know that they’re equally as capable as men in the automotive industry and that a car’s inner workings aren’t as complicated as they seem.

Automotive Scholarship Applications Now Available

SEMA Scholarships CommitteeApplications for automotive scholarships are now available through the 2012 SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund. Students preparing for careers in the automotive or automotive parts industries may be eligible for cash awards ranging from $1,000–$4,000.

“Paying for a high-quality education is a challenge for many people, particularly in today’s tough economy,” said Jamie Eriksen, SEMA education director. “SEMA is pleased to play a part in helping students prepare for careers in our industry. The specialty-equipment industry is innovative, dynamic and holds many opportunities for the next generation.”


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