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Spy Shots—2015 Ford Focus ST Revamped Prototype

The Fusion-inspired facelift for the lesser Foci have already been revealed, but the shooters at KGP Photography have a new batch of shots of the overhauled ’15 Focus ST's front fascia. Behind the camouflage, there are signs of a more aggressive nose for the new ST, with some new angular flares intermingling beneath a version of Ford's corporate grille.

Silicon Valley vs. Motor City: Race for the Future of the Car

SEMA’s Vice President of Vehicle Technology discusses the state of advanced vehicle technology and how the current changes in the industry will impact the performance aftermarket industry for decades to come.

Spy Shots—2015 Acura TLX Undisguised

The shooters at KGP Photography caught a couple of undisguised, fresh-from-the-factory ’15 Acura TLX test cars, providing a first look at the truly production-spec replacement for the TL and TSX.

Access the Nissan Builder's Guide for NV Cargo, NV Passenger Vehicles

Nissan has released an updated version of its Body Builder's Guides for the Nissan NV and NV Passenger vehicles.

Spy Shots—Jeep Cherokee Diesel Caught Testing

The shooters at KGP Photography just caught what appears to be the first evidence of a diesel-powered ’14 Jeep Cherokee running on public roads outside of Chrysler's Tech Center.

Spy Shots—First Photos of Jeep Lattitude "Jeepster" Prototype

KGP Photography's man in Italy has snagged a new batch of highly detailed photos of a production-spec prototype for the new baby Jeep. The new, close-up shots provide 100% confirmation that this is, in fact, the new global, entry-level Jeep, while giving the best look yet at some of the mini-SUV's design cues.

Spy Shots—First Shots of 2015 SRT Challenger All-New Interior

The shooters at KGP Photography recently got their first look into the cockpit of the ’15 SRT Challenger, providing a taste for the extensive, long-overdue changes destined for the retro-inspired musclecar.

Spy Photos—Mini E Racer Coupe

This Mini coupe, caught testing on the public roads of Germany by KGP Photography's shooter in Europe, is rumored to be running BMW's next-generation of electric car running gear, compared to the first Mini E effort that ran a sub-10-minute lap on the Nürburgring in the spring of 2010.

New Products From SEMA Members

New product announcements from SEMA member companies, including Astro Pneumatic Tool, Cloud-Rider Designs, BedRug, DefenderWorx and Escort.

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