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New Trucks, Hybrids and Coupes Offer Accessory Opportunities

Electrics and hybrids sound for the environment; beefier trucks ready to get to work; small and boxy gets some competition; and muscle still throws its weight around. Check out the latest recap from the auto show season to see the new vehicles that could affect your business.

Spy Shots–The Chevy Viva: A Well-Timed Arrival for the New GM?

Enthusiasts are calling GM's next small-car offering the next-gen Chevy Aveo, the Chevy Lecetti, or most recently, the Chevy Viva.

Announce Your SEMA Show Product Intros in eNews

Get a head start on your 2009 SEMA Show product intros by submitting new product information for inclusion in SEMA eNews.

Spy Shots–Honda Blurs the Lines with new Crosstour CUV

Honda's new CUV, the Crosstour, is based on a modified Accord chassis and will likely offer Honda's new all-wheel-drive option and possibly a turbocharged four-cylinder powerplant.

Spy Shots—Dual Electric Motors Boost 5.7L Dodge Ram Hybrid's Efficiency

A diesel-powered Dodge Ram 1500 has been delayed, but the hybrid Hemi version is definitely happening for 2010.

Spy Shots: The New "Baby" Rolls-Royce—Yours for Only About a Quarter-Mil

The Rolls-Royce Ghost, the so-called "baby" Rolls, is expected to arrive in 2010. You too can own one for anywhere from $270,000-$410,000.

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