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Spy Photos—Bugatti Veyron’s Rumored Replacement

Here are some early shots of a test mule for the follow-up to the Bugatti Veyron—rumored to be called Chiron.

SEMA Data Co-op to Launch SEMA Search Electronic Catalog

Jon Wyly, CEO of the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC), explains the benefits of the SDC’s industry data repository, the newly launched SEMA Search, and how a single source of data delivery helps manufacturers and resellers.

Spy Shots—Porsche 911 Race Car Shot Testing

KGP Photography's man in Germany has photographed a new 911-based race car, clad in familiar black-and-white graphic camouflage.

Spy Shots—2016 Camaro Convertible Caught for First Time

The shooters at KGP Photography have gotten the first definitive shots of the ’16 Camaro Convertible, caught testing with clear evidence of a soft-top in place.

Spy Shots—1980s Camaro Testing With Next-Gen Model

KGP Photography received some strange shots from one of its rookie shooters of ’16 Camaro prototypes (with newly camouflaged roofs), testing with—of all things—an early-to-mid-’80s Camaro wearing proper GM manufacturer "M" plates.

Spy Shots—2016 Nissan Maxima Dressed in Light Camo

The shooters at KGP Photography have provided their first shots of a ’16 Nissan Maxima prototype, which takes inspiration from Nissan's ’14 Sport Sedan concept.

Spy Shots—2016 Ford Explorer Uncovered

The shooters at KGP Photography have the first uncovered look at prototypes for the ’16 Ford Explorer facelift, providing a good feel for the design changes involved in the extensive mid-cycle facelift.

Spy Shots—Next-Gen Ford Super Duty

The shooters at KGP Photography spotted a new prototype for Ford's next-generation Super Duty pickup, sporting a new camouflage combination.

Spy Shots—2016 Camaro Drops Camo

Behold the next-generation Camaro without the heavy vinyl camouflage that has covered all prior prototypes.

Spy Shots—Porsche Tests Panamera Second-Gen Prototype

Porsche has begun testing final-bodied prototypes for the second-generation Panamera sedan, and the shooters at KGP Photography have grabbed the first look of it testing on a Porsche test track.
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