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July’s Consumer Demand Index now Available

The SEMA Consumer Demand Index has risen for the third consecutive month and is at its highest point since early 2008, signaling great news for the specialty-equipment market.

Help Shape SEMA Market Research Program

In an effort to better serve members, SEMA is assembling a task force to help identify ways to provide more value through its market research.

Customizing for Both Enthusiasts and the Mainstream

As consumers become increasingly accustomed to having the products they buy tailored specifically to them, the demand for customized vehicles will grow. What role can restyling play as the trend continues? Read more here.

The Top 10 New Tools and Equipment from the 2008 SEMA Show

Always one of the most popular sections at the SEMA Show, Tools & Equipment highlight the products that make mechanical life a little easier for the installer, fabricator, builder and garage enthusiast.

Stay on Top of Vehicle Technology Challenges: SEMA and CAR Show You How

In a multi-phased series of specialty-equipment industry forecasting reports, SEMA and the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) will provide insight to help members increase the understanding and awareness of vehicle technology challenges and opportunities to support their business development and planning efforts.

SEMA Consumer Demand Index Rebranded and on the Climb

SEMA’s monthly forecasting tool to determine consumer demand for industry products has been rebranded SEMA Consumer Demand Index for Performance Products and Accessories. Formerly called PADI, short for Performance and Accessories Demand Index, the new name seeks to clarify the intent and purpose of the program.

Despite Economy, Businesses Still Spending in Motorsports

It may be the worst economy seen in several generations, but companies are still spending money marketing their brands in motorsports. It’s an idea that might give most CEOs insomnia.

The Top 10 Best New Interior Accessories from the 2008 SEMA Show

LED lighting, in-cabin electronic solutions, seat cooling and a good old-fashioned shifter kit were among the new interior accessories most popular with buyers at the 2008 SEMA Show.

Cars Kept Longer—What Does This Mean for Your Business?

An annual survey of new vehicle buyers shows a significant increase in the number of people planning to hold onto their cars and trucks.
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