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Consumer Demand for Industry’s Products on the Rise

SEMA’s Consumer Demand Index rose six points in December, reversing a two-month decline and showing increased consumer interest in the industry's products.

Which Cars and Trucks Will Be Most Accessorized Next Year?

See which cars and trucks the industry selected as most accessory-friendly for 2010.

Fuel Efficiency and Green Emerge as Key Themes of Auto Show Season

Auto show season is in full swing and the early themes focus on fuel efficiency and green technology.

SEMA Consumer Demand Index: Demand Down, But Compact Performance Interest Up

SEMA's Consumer Demand Index has fallen for the second consecutive month, dropping from 36 points in October to 32 points in November, and a full 13 points from September. But it isn't all bad news. Compact performance and hot rod enthusiasts have shown increased interest in their respective niches.

The Most Accessory-Friendly Vehicles for 2010

Car and truck buyers seek the vehicles that best suit their needs, including the need to be individual. While the automakers deliver an amazing variety of products to fit dozens of market niches, they cannot possibly create a unique vehicle for every unique customer. Accessory and performance product fill that void, allowing unlimited and complete personalization of any car and truck.

The 2010 Most Accessory-Friendly Vehicles

Mobile Electronics Segment Grows 25% in Four Years

Other than powertrain components that have to coexist with vehicle on-board computers, mobile electronics components can often be the most complex specialty-equipment accessories added to a vehicle. The key to success in this market is the ability to convince enthusiasts and consumers alike that they have to have these cool products on their vehicle.

Consumer Demand for Specialty Equipment Drops in October

The SEMA Consumer Demand Index, used to forecast consumer demand for specialty and performance products, shows a dip in demand during the month of October.

SEMA Market Research: Wheels, Tires and Suspension Up 5% in Combined Retail, Manufacturer Sales

The specialty-equipment market is divided into nine niches. For each of these, there are three segments, one of which is the wheel, tire and suspension category. Overall, the wheel, tire and suspension category rose nearly 2% in retail sales and 3% in manufacturer sales from 2007 to 2008. Light truck is the niche in which wheels, tires and suspension represent the largest percentage at $1.29 billion in manufacturer sales.

Read the latest on the wheel, tire and suspension market through "The Cool Necessities" article in the November issue of SEMA News.

More Drivers Planned Specialty-Equipment Purchases Last Month, Says SEMA Report

Consumer intentions to buy specialty-equipment products rose in September, up three points from the August reading of the SEMA Consumer Demand Index.

SEMA Research: Racing and Performance Grows as Overall Market Contracts

 SEMA News Racing & Performance
The racing and performance component of the specialty-equipment market is comprised of three market niches: street performance, racing and compact performance. Combined, these three niches represent 32% of the total retail sales of the specialty-equipment market.

In 2008, the overall market contracted to $31 billion from $38 billion in retail sales. But the racing and performance market experienced growth. In fact, total retail sales for the three niches combined grew 4%, from just under $10 billion to $10.3 billion.

Read the latest SEMA research on the market that is at the core of the specialty-equipment industry.
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