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SEMA Benchmarking Program: May Update

SEMA Benchmarking Program: May Update

SEMA's Benchmarking Program is a tool designed to aid SEMA members in a comparative analysis of their business against the similar competitors. The following tables are a part of the most recent update and represent responses of participants to the question: What markets does your company serve?

DIY Projects and Profits on the Rise

It turns out that headlights, spark plugs and plant seed have something in common: sales actually have the potential to go up during recession.

Domestic Diesel Cars—Here Now, More on the Way

Despite efforts from manufacturers to make diesel vehicles more understood, uncertainties remain about their availability, even about what vehicles are produced.

SEMA Member Visit—Danchuk Manufacturing

Dan and Art Danchuk went into business together in the 1960s, but did not make their first Chevrolet part, a parking light lens for a 1957 Chevrolet, until 1976. Danchuk Manufacturing, Inc. was born.

New Customers Entered Market in 2008, Survey Says

New customers and orders from existing customers increased in 2008, according to a recent survey of SEMA members.

Off-Road Enthusiasts Purchase Different Products, Have Different Hobbies

Not only do off-road enthusiasts prefer to take their hobby off the beaten path, they also take a less-traveled course when making specialty-equipment purchases.

Toyota Owners Reveal Hottest, Most Current Trends

SEMA regularly visits consumer car shows in order to keep abreast of the latest trends in vehicle customization and attended Toyotafest to pick the brains of consumers.

SEMA Members Lead With Passion—Roush Performance Products Member Visit

Members of SEMA staff take a tour of Detroit-based ROUSH Performance Products.

Is the Market Beginning to Rebound? SEMA Members Say Yes

Retailers and distributors have a more optimistic sales outlook for the next three months than manufacturers.

SEMA Members Lead With Experience—Eaton Detroit Spring Member Visit

Eaton Detroit Spring facility highlights the heritage and history of SEMA manufacturing members.
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