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Vehicle Sales Surprises—How the Landscape is Changing

May sales figures for light duty vehicles have been announced and illustrate the effects of the manufacturer bankruptcies and possibly a long term adjustment in brand market share.

Pent-Up Demand? Americans' Savings Rate Highest Since 1959

Americans now have $620.2 billion put away in savings, the highest level since January 1959.

The Top Used Vehicles Enthusiasts Bought in 2008

For the third consecutive year, the percentage of enthusiasts who said that they originally purchased their vehicles used has grown.

SEMA Benchmarking Program—2009 First Quarter Update

The SEMA Industry Benchmarking Program analyzes sales trends at the manufacturer, retailer and WD levels.

Which States Have the Most V8s?

If you cater to V8 enthusiasts, are you targeting the right markets?

Restoration Market Holding Strong

In 2008, the restoration market held its ground and fended off economic troubles.

Fuel Prices on the Rise Again—Where are the Compact Cars?

The summer of 2008 may be remembered for its painful and record-breaking spike in fuel prices, and just like many things that work in cyclical fashions, the seasonal increases may not be deterred by economic conditions.

Trends in eCommerce: Importance of Consumer Behavior and Perceptions

SEMA recently launched its annual Membership Satisfaction survey to engage members about the resources available to them and inquire about the services, news items and topics that they would like to see more regularly.

SEMA Demand Index: Performance Product Purchase Intentions Increase

In May, the SEMA Demand Index gained some traction with a 6-point gain last month. The Index jumped from 26 in April to 32 in May.

Member Visit: Advanced Flow Engineering

One of the ways in which SEMA connects and learns about its members is through visits to the member companies themselves. SEMA recently visited Advanced Flow Engineering.
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