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Emerging Trend: How Increasing Amounts of Ethanol at the Pump Can Affect You

If you haven’t noticed by now, most gasoline sold in the United States now contains ethanol. In fact, more than 90% of all gasoline contains up to 10% ethanol. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has mandated that ethanol usage in fuel increase from nine billion gallons per year in 2008 to just less than 14 billion gallons in 2013.

Are Young Auto Enthusiasts Vanishing?

Is enthusiasm for the automobile fading among today’s youth? It’s an important question that more and more specialty-equipment veterans are asking, because the answer holds vast and obvious implications for the industry’s future.

Know Your Customers—2012 Consumer Segmentation Report Available

From manufacturers and distributors to jobbers and retailers, the automotive specialty-equipment industry is built around meeting consumers’ demands.

Why Engaging Youth in Motorsports Today Goes Beyond "Speaking the Language"

There is little doubt that motorsports has matured as a mainstream sporting genre in the last five decades, helping to grow the performance aftermarket into a stable, nearly $30-billion industry. Of course, the hope is that both motorsports and the industry will also stay forever young amid this maturation, with fresh new faces rejuvenating the racing scene and manufacturers continuing to revitalize their product lines. So which racing segments are “young” today, and how does the industry engage them?

Chrysler and Fiat Reveal Most Accessorized Vehicles

Through its Mopar service, parts and customer-care brand, Chrysler Group LLC and Fiat S.p.A now offer more than 25,000 quality-tested parts and accessories in more than 130 countries.

Wheel and Tire Trends Update

While the economy continues to influence the tire and wheel markets, the greatest impacts on the industry have resulted from the elimination of the tariffs on Chinese tires, the steady growth of lower rolling resistance tires, advances in technology and the proliferation of Internet research, according to knowledgeable wheel-and-tire pros and media.

Edmunds Predicts 2013 New and Used Car Sales Trends

Car sales will grow in 2013, but that growth will slow to a single-digit pace, according to, which projects 15 million new-car sales in 2013—a 4% increase over 2012. And while next year’s sales won’t have as much momentum as recent post-recession years, there is still plenty of optimism in the auto industry.  

Trade Show Breakdown: Buyers Reveal How They Find Products

Developing a great product is only the first step in creating a successful business. The next is to get that product into the hands of consumers.

Understand Your Customers and Increase Profits

You’ve got to know who your customers are before you can set your business strategies and maximize your profits.

SEMA Market Update: 2012 Q2 New-Vehicle Sales Boost

According to the SEMA Market Update, Q2 2012 continued to provide mixed messages on the economic recovery, though the U.S. economy is still forecast to grow over the next few years.
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