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West Virginia Bill Increases Property Taxes on Many Antique Motor Vehicles

A bill to increase property taxes paid by owners of some antique motor vehicles was reintroduced in the West Virginia legislature.

West Virginia Introduces Bill to Exempt All Motor Vehicles From Property Taxes

Legislation has been introduced in the West Virginia State Legislature to provide owners of all motor vehicles registered in the state with an exemption from property taxes.

Federal Legislation Introduced to Eliminate E15 Ethanol

SEMA is working to enact legislation that would cap the amount of ethanol blended into gasoline at 10% and eliminate the Renewable Fuel Standard’s (RFS) corn-based ethanol requirement.

Hawaii Reintroduces Bill to Ban Most Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

Legislation to prohibit the use, sale or installation of an exhaust system “that has been changed or modified from the factory design so as to increase the volume or audibility of the explosions within the vehicle’s motor” was reintroduced in Hawaii.

Oregon Seeks to Mandate Program to Tax Cars for Miles Traveled

Legislation to convert the state’s current voluntary vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax program to a mandatory program was introduced.

Iowa Bills to Provide Single License Plate for Certain Motor Vehicles

Legislation has been introduced in the Iowa Legislature to provide for the issuance of a single license plate for motor vehicles originally manufactured with a front bumper that sits 24 in. or less from the ground.

Pennsylvania Proposes Extending Emissions Inspection Waiver for Newer Cars

Legislation has been introduced in the Pennsylvania Legislature to extend the emissions inspection exemption for five years after the model year.

Virginia Senate Approves Bill to Exempt Some Antique Vehicles From Exhaust System Restrictions

Senate legislation to exempt antique motor vehicles from the requirement that they have exhaust systems of a type installed as standard factory equipment, or comparable to that designed as standard factory equipment was approved by the full Senate with an amendment.

Vermont Bill to Provide Titles for Older Cars

Legislation to ease the burden on hobbyists by requiring the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, upon the owner’s request, to issue titles for vehicles not currently required to be titled under Vermont law.
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