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California Enacts Legislation to Ease “Made in U.S.A.” Labeling Criteria

Governor Brown signed into law legislation amending how California enforces “Made in U.S.A.” labels.

Have You Registered a Patent or Trademark? Your Competition Has…

Protecting the intellectual property rights (IPR) of its members is a top SEMA priority.

Washington State Patrol to Retain Existing Bumper/Windshield Standards

Responding to comments submitted by SEMA to a proposed motor-vehicle equipment rule, the Washington State Patrol opted to retain the current maximum bumper height for passenger vehicles and the minimum height requirement for windshields.

California Bill to Ease “Made in U.S.A.” Labeling Criteria Goes to Governor

Legislation to amend the California law governing “Made in U.S.A.” labeling has been passed by the state legislature and sent to Governor Brown for his signature and enactment into law.

SEMA Submits Comments to Washington State Motor Vehicle Equipment Proposal

In comments submitted to a rule proposed by the Washington State Patrol to update the state’s motor vehicle equipment standards, SEMA opposed efforts to modify the regulations by lowering the maximum bumper height requirement for passenger vehicles from 22 inches to 20 inches.

OSHA Seeks Lower Exposure Limits for Beryllium

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has proposed significantly lower exposure limits for beryllium and related compounds.

EPA Seeks to Limit New Uses of Trichloroethylene

When used as a metal degreasing solvent, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified some potential health risks of Trichloroethylene and would prefer voluntarily limiting its exposure or switching to alternative chemicals.

SEMA PAC Releases Honor Roll

SEMA’s Political Action Committee (SEMA PAC) helps you keep pace by supporting the Congressional car guys and gals who have our industry’s back.

Congress Considers Vehicle Safety Reforms While Extending Short-Term Highway Bill

President Obama signed into law a bill to continue current federal highway spending through the end of October. It marks the 34th short-term extension since 2009.

Pennsylvania Bill to Eliminate Ethanol Requirement in Gasoline Approved by Committee; Moves to House Floor

Legislation to remove the requirement that gasoline offered for sale in the state contain a percentage of ethanol was approved on a 23–3 vote by the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.
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