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Top-Selling Accessory-Friendly Vehicles From Around the World

Thinking of trying to sell your product overseas but not sure where to start? Say you make a Jeep accessory that is a hot seller here in the United States and you want to know where else the Jeep is popular. SEMA can help. It has sales data for Jeep in more than two dozen countries. The same data is available for trucks and select car models.

Getting Started Globally: Insight to Creating Overseas Sales

SEMA members create products for vehicles that are sold globally, and a growing number are looking to overseas markets for new business opportunities. OMIX-ADA, headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, has more than 15,000 Jeep parts and accessories in stock and has been selling them globally for years, but the company expanded its international business department a few years. Now, OMIX-ADA’s international business is growing faster.

Understanding China’s E-Commerce Revolution

Looking to grow your online sales in China? China's explosive e-commerce growth makes online retailing one of the most effective ways to reach customers. Learn more about the opportunities and challenges facing e-commerce retailers from industry leaders, such as FedEx, Amazon China and the American Society of Transportation & Logistics.

Midwest Measuring Session Set for 2013 Ford Ranger

SEMA-member manufacturers are invited to measure the ’13 Ford Ranger T6 at Dearborn, Michigan-based Link Engineering, during a rescheduled Midwest session taking place June 6, from 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

Few Slots Remain for the SEMA China Trip

Get in on the ground level at what is likely to be one of the largest consumer specialty-product markets. The SEMA China Business Development Tour—from September 11–14, 2013—allows participants to gain insight into the growing specialty market for 1.3 billion Chinese consumers.

Wrangler and Grand Cherokee to Be Sold in India From Kits

Jeep, whose brand is currently not officially for sale in India, has announced plans to begin to sell the four-door Wrangler and ’14 Grand Cherokee from completely built-up (CBU) units in that country later this year.

SEMA’s Trip to China—Discover What it Takes to Succeed in the Region

Members looking for new customers are encouraged to join the Association and fellow SEMA members on a trip to Beijing to explore the sales potential in the world’s largest car market.

Create Export-Ready Products for the Ford Ranger T6

SEMA-member companies are invited to measure and preview a ’13 Ford Ranger T6 at Dearborn, Michigan-based Link Engineering, Tuesday, May 14.

SEMA's Ford Ranger T6 Heads to Michigan

SEMA-member companies are invited to measure and preview a ’13 Ford Ranger T6 at Dearborn, Michigan-based, Link Engineering, Tuesday, May 14.

2013 SEMA China Trip—Explore the Market, Showcase Your Products

SEMA members are invited to participate in an upcoming trip to explore the market in China and showcase products at one of the largest trade show's in that country—the China International Parts Expo.
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