Tom Brooks, 2012 - 2015 Board of Directors Nominee

2012-2015 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Tom Brooks

Having served on the SEMA Board in the past, I would welcome the opportunity to serve again. My experience includes knowledge of the industry from more than 30 years as the owner and operator of Truckin Thunder, a retail business selling and installing automotive aftermarket parts and accessories.

Beyond the industry, I am a member of the Virginia Council of CEOs, which focuses on the sustainment and promotion of small businesses within the Commonwealth. In addition, Truckin Thunder is a 10-year sponsor of the Sportsman Division at the Virginia Motor Speedway.

Industry Experience:
1978– present: President & Founder, Truckin Thunder
1978 Charter Member, Truck Cap Industry Association
1992–1999: Board of Directors, TCAA

1995–1999: Treasurer, TCAA
2001–2002: Board of Directors, SEMA
2007–present: LTAA Council
2007–present: President's Club, SEMA PAC

Awards & Recognition:
2002 LTAA Chairman's Award
2007 LTAA Retailer of the Year
2010 LTAA Hall of Fame
2011 LTAA Chairman's Award

On the SEMA Cares Pinewood Derby Committee, I have organized and directed the Pinewood Builds at the Child Help Village in Virginia, and volunteered at the Victory Junction Gang Camp in North Carolina. I am passionate about opportunities that we, as leaders, can give back to our communities in ways that align with our customers and companies.

My priorities for the Association are:
1. Vehicle technology - support efforts to monitor evolving vehicle technology and share the knowledge in an engaging and effective way
2. Legislative issues - continue to serve on SEMA PAC President's Club and participate in SEMA events in Washington, D.C.
3. Building industry-specific educational resources - advocate for the new training resource initiative forming in the LTAA Council

The growth of online shopping and purchasing in our industry offers another opportunity for our association. By leveraging the strength and diversity of SEMA’s membership, we can explore the complex yet critical challenge of online commerce. By understanding the unique competitive advantages and weaknesses of brick-and-mortar retailers, online retailers, warehouse distributors, manufacturers, and consumers, SEMA can offer members an opportunity to thrive in this evolving marketplace.


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