Nate Shelton, 2011-2013 Board of Directors Nominee

2011-2013 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Nate Shelton

Fellow SEMA members,

I am honored to run for SEMA Chairman of the Board at a critical moment to both SEMA and the aftermarket. I love this business and have dedicated my career to making both the industry and SEMA better.

We are experiencing tough economic times and need strong leadership to guide SEMA to a more prosperous future. Dealing with these challenges requires experienced leadership and the ability to hit the ground running. SEMA needs a chairman that has weathered difficult circumstances and won’t need a learning curve. I have chaired many committees, was founding chairman of the Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council, served on your Board of Directors for 12 years and was elected SEMA Chairman of the Board in 2001.

In 2001, I led the association through the tragedy of 9/11. After considerable assessment of the economy and working in partnership with our members, we led the nation as the first major trade show in the face of adversity the likes of which the American economy had never faced before.

I believe that single decision elevated the SEMA Show to the premier international automotive trade show in the world. 

During my time as chair, we established aggressive yet safe investment guidelines that grew SEMA’s reserves at the greatest rate ever experienced by the association. This gave SEMA the fiscal foundation to weather today’s challenges. We applied prudent accounting practices and brought spending into alignment with Board expectations. Many of these practices are still used today.

This association exists to serve you—its members. Without your input we can’t chart a course for the future. I have been a car guy, small-business owner, manufacturer and salesman my entire life. I understand the needs of our members and that SEMA must help and guide its members to secure the future of this industry from economic and regulatory woes.

I know this is the experience and passion you want from your association’s next chairman-elect. Together, we will identify membership issues and increase member input to ensure that the decisions made by SEMA benefit the association and address the real problems we all face. Together we can build an industry and overcome our current economic struggles.

Thank you for your vote.


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