Famous Rhodes, 2011-2013 Board of Directors Nominee

2011-2013 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Famous Rhodes

A game-changing opportunity exists for SEMA to help shape the enthusiast market, addressing the new crop of enthusiasts through their preferred communication channels: the Internet and mobile. As consumers use the Internet and smart phones to express and enrich their passions, aligning members on data standardization, along with product content, education and innovation, will be incredibly powerful for the organization. My technology/ecommerce background and overall leadership experience in the automotive industry affords me a strong experience base and network from which to advise SEMA on these opportunities. Data and consumer experience are the driving needs of the Internet/mobile user, and as a SEMA Board member and from my position as senior director of eBay Motors, I will help to ensure that SEMA plays offense and leads the industry into its progressive future.

My employment history and achievements include:

- Manager, KPMG [now BearingPoint], Internet strategy practice
- Director, Business Development, InstantAuto.com, acquired by Vesta Insurance

- Vice President, Car.com/Stoneage, acquired byAutobytel
- Vice President of Strategy, DXS Financial Services
- Senior Director, Parts and Accessories, eBay Motors; currently head of entire eBay Motors business unit, representing more than 25% market share of automotive time spent online, current annual global sales exceeding $4B.
--Doubled sales volume of parts and accessories sold on eBay Motors in the United States from 120M to more than 250M
--Drove growth in eBay Motors listings from 1.5M to more than 18M.
- Board roles withDSA, TASC, DXS and SEMA SPC Council
- Board member, local charity and non-profit, Baylands Quarter Midget Racing Association, dedicated to the advancement of children in the sport of racing, in which my 7-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter actively participate.

Most of my life has been dedicated to the automotive industry. My family owned and operated multiple franchise dealers, so I was exposed early to the family business—a passion that goes beyond the board room. My father, Paul Rhodes, was a dirt track racing champion, and my fondest memories revolve around racing—something that’s been passed to my son, who is actively involved in the sport as a national quarter midget champion.


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