Joselph Risch, 2010 Board of Directors Nominee

2010 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Joseph Risch

I am very honored to be given the opportunity to run for a position on the SEMA Board of Directors. What a great slate of candidates. Each candidate will add value to the Board. I believe I will bring a unique point of view to the Board. I represent direct marketing, one of the fastest growing retail segments.

I am a believer that “a rising tide floats all boats.” What challenging times we have been through. As an industry we need to collaborate to develop strategies and best practices that are needed for us all to become better operators, and to keep bringing new enthusiasts into our marketplace.

In today’s world, most customers start their shopping experience by researching on the Internet. Whether they ultimately buy from a store, website or catalog, they start on the Internet. I have spent the last five years focused on eCommerce and catalog retailing. You can teach an old dog new tricks! I have been introduced to new concepts, such as conversion, search-engine optimization and list management. Most importantly, I have learned how important it is for manufacturers and retailers to collaborate to reach the customer.

I am a 36-year veteran of the automotive aftermarket. I started in the business as a tire installer. My passion has been the retail business and working with suppliers to get products into the hands of customers—helping customers buy the right tonneau cover, find that hard-to-find part or select the perfect wax.

In 2006, I joined the Whitney Automotive Group (JC Whitney, Stylin Trucks, and All Bike SuperShop) as vice president of merchandising. Most of my career (31 years) was with Pep Boys, the automotive service and parts retailer. My last position was assistant-vice president of merchandising. What a great opportunity to have worked for these retailer pioneers.

Throughout my career I have developed expertise in eCommerce, category management, retail merchandising, store layout and design and inventory management.

I enjoy cars, boating, fishing and photography. I live with my family in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.


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