Dave Wrobleski, 2010 Board of Directors Nominee

2010 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, Dave Wrobleski
I am asking for your vote to be re-elected to the SEMA Board of Directors to help see through some of the initiatives that were started during my first term. Several of these, such as the Data Pool and SEMA Education Institute, will directly affect the rep and the companies they sell to and work for. Our industry is facing some of the toughest challenges it has ever experienced from economic uncertainty, consolidation, legislation and OEM involvement. We need an active and involved Board of Directors. If elected, I will ensure that SEMA uses its resources effectively to help our industry grow and thrive.

I was basically born in the industry because my father, Jim Sr., started his own rep firm in 1967. I went to work for him in 1987. My brother and I took over the company in 1997. I am currently the vice president of operations for Jim Wrobleski & Co. Inc. We were SEMA Rep of the Year in 2001 and have received more than 100 achievement awards in our history.

I currently serve on the SEMA Board of Directors and am a member of the Executive Committee. My service to SEMA started in the Young Executives Network and then on the Manufacturers’ Rep Committee (MRC), which later became a council. I served on the MRC Select Committee starting in 1999. I was chair-elect in 2002 and became the chairman in 2004. As chairman, I helped expand the Rep Conference program held at the Performance Warehouse Association (PWA) conferences annually. During that time, I completed the three-year program at Arizona State University to become a Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative. I’ve been a SEMA Board member since 2007 and served the last two years on the Show Committee. My company is a member of PWA, Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) and the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association (MANA).

Before my father retired, I asked him what he would have done differently in his career. He said he wished he had been more involved with SEMA. I’m glad he told me that. It has been a very rewarding experience. Make sure you are involved, and vote for Dave Wrobleski.

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