B.J. Leanse, 2010 Board of Directors Nominee

2010 SEMA Board of Directors Nominee, BJ Leanse

It’s an honor to be a candidate for the SEMA Board of Directors, and I’m eager to use my experience and leadership abilities to serve you in this capacity for
another term.

As third generation in automotive, I started in our family manufacturer’s rep firm in 1975. I was exposed to many industry segments, and we pioneered selling van accessories through performance warehouse distributors, converters and retailers. In 1989, I joined Alamo Industries and led our efforts as a national leader in restyling accessory distribution.

I became active in the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) council and served as PRO chairman. Over the last six years, as the national sales manager for Big Country Truck Accessories, a manufacturer of tubular steel accessories, I’ve developed our distribution network in the United States and Canada. I’ve kept my finger on the pulse of our industry through the hundreds of calls I’ve made on businesses who actually sell so much of our industry’s products.

I believe our Board must continually evaluate SEMA programs to focus resources and energy on those that will bring the most benefit back to our members. As our world changes, so must we and programs that will take us into the future will be more important than ever.

Representing our manufacturing membership, I support these significant initiatives:

  • Developing a comprehensive standardized vehicle and product database (data pool)
  • Making members aware of the latest vehicle technologies and trends
  • Creating new ways to educate ourselves to earn consumer trust
  • Making our voices heard in government, and protecting our interests
  • Opening and developing world markets

Your voice does matter. I will make myself available to listen and to be your advocate. After all, SEMA is our association, and you’re empowered to elect our leadership. I welcome your input and ask for your vote.

Feel free to call 972/998-4734 or drop me a note at bleanse@aol.com and let’s talk.

Industry and personal involvement:

  • SEMA Board Member–completed first term
  • SEMA Board Governance Committee member
  • Past Professional Restylers Organization Chairman and Select Committee, three terms
  • SEMA Board Nominating Committee Participant, 2001
  • SEMA Show Committee Participant, 1999
  • Performance Warehouse Assocation Member, Rep: 1975–1991


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