Aftermarket Data Standards - Definitions and Resources

The industry is quickly moving to standardized data and the benefits are clear: increased sales, fewer returns, improved product exposure and faster turn-around. Good product information allows everyone to sell more parts!

Product Information Exchange Standard, PIES, SEMA BTC PIES (Product Information Exchange Standard)

PIES are Product Information Exchange Standards. The standard was established to define the attributes of the automotive products. These attributes include, but are not limited to: brand ID, description, price, dimensions, weights, NAFTA, UPC and HAZMAT. This is a living standard.

ACES (AAIA Catalog Enhanced Standard)

Aftermarket Catalog Enhanced Standard, ACES, SEMA BTC ACES is the AAIA Catalog Enhanced Standard. The standard was established to standardize information for proper product selection and fitment. ACES drives how YEAR/MAKE/MODEL product "searches" and "look-ups" work. This is a living standard. Click here to read about ACES.

Contained within the ACES and PIES standards are databases unique to the automotive industry. For more information about each element, click on the links below.

In addition, other tools have been developed to enable efficient trading within the automotive aftermarket:

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