Parking space at the host hotel is limited for an event the size of the Media Trade Conference. Adjoining properties will ticket and/or tow any Embassy Suites vehicle found parked on any of their lots, so please park only in the Embassy Suites lot. With just a few instructions, the hotel is prepared to take care of your parking needs. Please refer to the site map on the reverse side for locations of entrances and exits.

  1. You may enter the hotel parking lot from either Dyer Road on the south side of the hotel (this one leads you directly to the front of the hotel), or from Hotel Terrace which is at the rear of the hotel. (This is an entry only gate, no exit.)
  2. Both entrances are gated, and everyone must take a ticket to enter. Hotel guests may subsequently use their room key to enter and exit after check-in.
  3. Self-parking is $5 per day for overnight parking (hotel guests). Day guests can have parking validated in the media suite 225.
  4. IF SELF PARKING BECOMES FULL, then the parking staff will valet your vehicle at no charge. Simply pull back to the portico at the front entrance and staff will park your vehicle.
  5. If you CHOOSE to valet before self-parking overflows, there is a $19 per day charge.
  6. You may exit the hotel from the main entrance on Dyer Road, or through the Valet Lot onto Grand Ave (this is an exit only gate, no entry).
  7. Any questions about parking can be directed to Embassy Suites Parking Manager Ron Boutte.
    Phone: 714-241-3302