JANUARY 21-23, 2020
Embassy Suites by Hilton
Santa Ana, California


Media participation is free to all editorial media representatives, including editors, reporters, freelance journalists, and photographers. Participation is also open to tradition media (print, radio, and television) and new media, including online journalists, bloggers, and e-commerce reporters, who can quickly report on the products they see at the conference.

By attending all three days of the conference, journalists can have up to 42 quality meetings (up to 14 each day) with representatives from 100 manufacturers of racing and performance products, such as Edelbrock, COMP Cams, and Eibach, who come prepared to discuss everything from their newest product line to changes at their company to industry trends. Additionally, afternoon lunches and breaks provide further opportunities for meetings and networking.

Unlike traditional trade shows, where manufacturers are focused on buyers and making sales, exhibitors are here to conduct quality media interviews and have press materials and people who can answer a reporter's questions, providing reporters a chance to ask the questions they want and an opportunity to photograph products. It's the most efficient, effective, and affordable way for reporters to get detailed information, specific to their audience's needs and interests, and gather a year's worth of editorial content. Sales are not permitted, but advertising staff may accompany editorial staff in meetings.

Meet Who You Want

Media schedules are developed based on the information indicated on the application forms. For the best possible schedule, here are tips:

  • Register early because exhibitors' schedules fill up. You can register anytime, but doing so before the early registration deadline will get you the best possible schedule and you'll receive your schedule in advance.
  • Provide accurate information, especially your contact information, which will be used to inform you of any changes or requests.
  • Attend all three days. It's the only way to formally meet with representatives of up to 42 companies. In addition, you can use lunch and breaks to further network.
  • Choose companies you'd like to meet and that are within your readership.
  • Exclude exhibitors that do not appeal to your audience or readership to ensure they are not included in your schedule.
  • Choose alternate companies to meet in case some companies you choose are completely booked.

Make the 30 Minutes Count

Once you have your schedule, here are tips to have the most productive meetings:

  • Research the exhibitors you are meeting beforehand to gain understanding of their history, services, and products.
  • Prepare editorial ideas and be ready to present these opportunities and explain their value to exhibitors.
  • Inform the exhibitor who your audience is and how they would benefit from your editorial coverage.
  • Bring samples of your publication. Exhibitors like to get an idea of the type of editorial coverage they'll get and the media outlet.
  • Work out an editorial plan that is mutually beneficial and can result in future endeavors.
  • Media attendees who register by December 20th will receive their schedules in early January. Those who register afterwards will receive their schedules on-site.

Preparation is Key

How to prepare for the conference:

  • Familiarize yourself with the location of the venue, how to get there, parking, and traffic trends in the area. You can also take advantage of discount rates to stay at the hotel.
  • Rest well the night before and eat. Having more than a dozen meetings in one day can be taxing, especially when a lot of quality content is shared in relatively short amounts of time.
  • Bring enough business cards. You'll meet a lot of industry reps, so ensure you don't run out.
  • Become familiar with the conference floorplan so you know where the exhibitors are located.
  • Look at the schedule of events for other opportunities to network, such as at the MPMC Awards Reception.
  • Locate the Media Suite, where you can make schedule changes, access additional information, and grab food and coffee.
  • Don't rely on the Wi-Fi because a lot of people access it. Be prepared with a personal hotspot.
  • Use SEMA's MPMC Media Trade Conference Meetings sheet to write notes and follow-up actions from your meetings.


Media Contact

Juan Torres