JANUARY 21-23, 2020
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The annual MPMC Media Trade Conference brings MPMC member manufacturers together with editorial staff from various media publications for 3 days of face-to-face meetings. Unlike a trade show environment, where both exhibitors and media are occupied with “business”, the Media Trade Conference is all about editorial content.

The event has become the must attend event for many automotive journalists, who report that they can get an entire year’s worth of technical content in just one place, in just three days or less. Likewise, the conference affords the lucky exhibiting manufacturers the opportunity to network and build relationships with the automotive press that is not available anywhere else in the world.

It’s the single most efficient, effective and affordable way for manufacturers to meet with media and share detailed information about their product, their newest product line, changes in their company or the latest industry trends. Upwards of 130 media groups and 200 individual media representatives from print, radio, television, e-commerce, blogs and digital magazines regularly attend the conference.

In addition to media, the unique format and setting for the event allows exhibitors to also network with their fellow manufacturers.

Who Can Exhibit

The Media Trade Conference is only available to manufacturing companies who are current MPMC members and have been an MPMC member for a period of one year or more. The MPMC has specific criteria for membership. If, after review, you feel your company is a viable candidate for membership, please submit an application.

How to Participate

Exhibitor registration opens in August each year and runs through Labor Day. The conference is limited to 100 manufacturers. A simple random number “lottery” is used to select the exhibitors. Any company that does not get selected as one of the 100 “this year”, is automatically guaranteed an exhibit spot “next year” upon submission of a timely, qualified application. This policy provides some turnover in manufacturers year-to-year and promises that if your company has the worst lottery luck in the world, you will still participate every other year.


There is an Exhibitor Fee of $800 that covers on-site lunch Tuesday-Thursday, receptions Tuesday and Thursday plus administrative costs of running the event. The exhibitor is responsible for all travel, exhibitor suite costs and any additional sleeping rooms ($159 per room, per night)

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When media registers for the event, they are asked to review the 100 exhibitor companies and assign each one a status of “Must Meet”, “Ok to Meet” or “Do Not Meet” based on compatibility with their publication and readership. Based on that information, a scheduling program will then generate the schedules.

Before the schedules are generated, manufacturers are given opportunity to review the list of registered media, and select any media that they “DO NOT” want to meet with. This will optimize the experience for both manufacturers and media, allowing both the best use of their time and resources.

Schedules are emailed approximately 2 weeks before the event to allow time for individual meeting preparations. There are protocols for schedule changes on-site.

Make the 30 Minutes Count

You will receive your schedule in early January. Once you have your schedule, here are tips to have the most productive meetings:

  • Research the media companies you are meeting, beforehand to gain a knowledge of their publications, communication channels and readership.
  • Prepare product sheets and marketing collateral, and be ready to present on your latest and greatest products and explain their value to consumers.
  • Have a product expert onsite who can confidently talk about the product features. Make sure you the media walk away knowing the key selling points of your products.
  • Inform the media who your target audience is, what their needs are and how they would benefit from purchasing your products.
  • Bring samples of your products. Media like to take photos to use in future editorial coverage.
  • Work out an editorial plan that is mutually beneficial and can result in future endeavors.

Articles Resulting from Media Trade Conference

The following articles are examples of works that have resulted from the meetings set at Media Trade Conference and the working relationships that were strengthened or formed between manufacturer and media.

Ford Muscle featuring McLeod Racing

Cars Illustrated featuring Aldan American

Bangshift.com featuring AutoMeter Products  

HotRod.com featuring MSD

Street Muscle Magazine featuring TCI Automotive

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