JANUARY 21-23, 2020
Embassy Suites by Hilton
Santa Ana, California



What are typical topics of conversations in the meetings?

Manufacturers can share detailed information about their product, newest product line, changes in the company or the latest industry trends. Ad sales are not a part of the curriculum. In fact, the event rules prohibit anything except editorial discussions.

What is the structure of the event?

The event is 3 full days of 30 minute meetings between manufacturers and media. The first meeting begins at 9:00am and the last meeting ends at 6:00pm with two 30 minute breaks and an hour break for a provided lunch. In addition to the meetings, there are industry events taking place nightly.

What type of media companies attend the event?

This event attracts hundreds of members of editorial media representatives, including editors, reporters, freelance journalists, and photographers. Participation is also open to tradition media (print, radio, and television) and new media, including online journalists, bloggers, and e-commerce reporters, who can quickly report on the products they see at the conference.

What does my exhibit space look like?

Each participating manufacturer will be assigned one room at the Embassy Suites that has a front “living room” area. You will set up your space and conduct your meetings there. Yes, you can sleep in that same room-just be sure to keep it tidy! You are able to book multiple sleeping rooms if colleagues will be joining you.

Am I allowed to bring products to display?

Bringing products is encouraged! Participating manufacturers will receive all shipping information and instructions prior to the event.

When I get on-site, do I need to check in?

Yes, all exhibitors need to check in at the “Exhibitor Suite” located on the second floor to receive your badges, welcome packet and the most up to date schedule of meetings.

Where can I go to get on-site support throughout the event?

Manufacturers are encouraged to stop by the “Exhibitor Suite” located on the second floor for any on-site questions, concerns or request for a schedule change.

How does the scheduling work?

SEMA staff puts together a comprehensive schedule of meetings best matching the meeting preferences of both media and manufacturers. The first round of schedules are sent out 2 weeks prior to the event. There are typically schedule changes up to arriving on-site and you will be handed the most up to date schedule when checking in. For any on-site schedule changes, you will be notified via text or email (whichever you prefer).