SEMA Lender Connection: Agreement and Acknowledgement

  1. SEMA Lender Connection assists SEMA members in identifying
    lenders interested in working with businesses in the automotive
    specialty equipment industry.
  2. Inasmuch as the Lender Connection Program has been created for
    the sole benefit of the members of SEMA, Member agrees to indemnify and
    hold SEMA, its directors, officer, employees, representatives and those
    acting on its behalf, harmless from and against any loss or expense
    incurred by the Member as a result of any matter arising directly or
    indirectly from or in association with the Member’s participation in
    the Program.
  3. SEMA cannot and does not represent or warrant that the Member
    will be successful in securing loans or credit arrangements, make any
    representations about the financial condition of the institutions
    identified, or make any representations concerning terms and conditions
    offered by such financial institutions. Member is solely responsible to
    perform their own due diligence review in selecting or choosing to do
    business with the financial institutions identified in this Program.


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