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CANDIDATES (listed alphabetically)

Chair-elect Category (one open seat)

Mitch Fogle

Lund International

Tim Martin

K&N Engineering

Distributor/Retailer Category (one open seat)

Greg Adler

Transamerican Auto Parts

Brian Lounsberry

Motovicity Distribution

Manufacturers Category (one open seat)

James Lawrence

Power Automedia

Shahriar “Nick” Niakan

Advanced Flow Engineering Inc. (aFe Power)

Dennis Weese


Mitch Fogle - President & CEO, Lund International

I am the president and CEO of Lund International and have worked in the aftermarket my entire life, starting on a production line and working my way up within the company that I am currently blessed to lead. We have weathered serious storms—from the Great Recession to a literal storm that completely destroyed our distribution center—but with decisive leadership we emerged stronger than ever. I believe the same can hold true for SEMA; the aftermarket is facing challenges, but we can create a brighter future together.

Private equity funding in the aftermarket is seen by many as a threat or disruption in the aftermarket. I helped shepherd the company through eight acquisitions, created a strategic plan to grow our group of companies and have actually brought manufacturing back to the United States, creating 1,200 American jobs. I can help SEMA teach members how to maximize these opportunities, protecting the brands, jobs and culture we all hold so dear.

Many are worried about Millennials, a generation of consumers more concerned with collecting experiences than vehicles. But these young consumers crave individuality—and we can sell it to them. I will work to create new programs that mainstream car and truck customization, not just for performance, but for uniqueness. If we can clone the Jeep customization model into other niches, the entire aftermarket will thrive.

Finally, changing technology has posed a serious threat to the family businesses that are the core of SEMA. From advanced vehicle platforms to dramatic shifts in consumer purchasing behavior, keeping up has become expensive and challenging. I will work to integrate existing SEMA programs with new member services and a “rapid-response” communication strategy where members can ask for help and receive it in a timely manner—because SEMA is YOUR association.

As we march into a bright and bold new future together, no one will be left behind. If you have questions, I encourage you to contact me at or 678-804-3830.

For more information, please visit my website

Thank you for your support.

Tim Martin - Vice President, K&N Engineering

I am running for chairman of the SEMA Board of Directors. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and other candidates. My goal is to serve SEMA members in shaping programs to benefit the industry. SEMA has tremendous resources that can help your company prepare for changes and threats in the future.

I have served on the SEMA Board of Directors from 2011–2017 and as a volunteer in SEMA programs for many years. I have served SEMA on the SEMA Data Co-op Board, Youth Engagement Task Force, SEMA Garage Task Force, Business Technology Committee, Business Development Working Group, NextGen Working Group, Health Care Task Force, Fuel Economy Task Force, SEMA Washington Rally and other groups. I have been a speaker at SEMA educational seminars, at SEMA Town Halls, for the Manufacturers’ Rep Network and at other conferences. I am a member of SEMA PAC President’s Club.

I recently received the 2016 SEMA Person of the Year award for my contributions as a SEMA volunteer. I have been an effective member of the Board, and I understand SEMA programs well. I understand the tremendous potential of SEMA to help our industry and the automotive lifestyle. I understand the commitment needed to serve as chairman.

I am a vice president at K&N Engineering and have served in many roles over nearly 20 years. These have included managing sales, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, distribution and information technology. I previously worked as a software consultant and as an engineer for the U.S. Navy for 10 years. My education includes degrees in engineering and management. I have volunteered with several professional and community groups. I enjoy a variety of motorsports, and I am married with four children.

I will work to improve programs that serve SEMA members, and grow and protect our industry. This will include expanding marketing programs, growing our capacity to help with legislative and regulatory issues, improving industry collaboration and best practices, addressing technological challenges, creating career development opportunities, improving member services, and promoting the automotive customization lifestyle.

I know what SEMA should do to help our industry. I would appreciate your vote.

Tim Martin

Greg Adler - CEO, Transamerican Auto Parts

I am honored to be nominated for the SEMA Board of Directors. If re-elected to the SEMA Board, it will allow me to continue the fight for truck and off-road members while making unbiased decisions that are good for the industry. As CEO of Transamerican Auto Parts, the diversity of my business experience will be helpful to SEMA members:

  • Retail: Overseeing the operations of more than 78 4Wheel Parts retail stores in 20-plus states provides an understanding of the needs of the store owner/manager.
  • Internet and Catalog/Mail Order: Understanding of the internet and how it impacts our industry from data needs to search engines to social media.
  • Wholesale Distribution: I realize the challenges that distributors and jobbers face in today’s changing environment.
  • Manufacturing: The Pro-Comp and Smittybilt brands were developed at Transamerican over many years. I understand the challenges manufacturers have today.

I grew up in this industry and have a passion for anything with four wheels and an engine. After earning an accounting degree and my CPA license, I joined Transamerican, where my heart was. I began my career in store operations at a time when we had 15 stores. In 2000, I was promoted to vice president of sales and operations, and in November 2005 I became CEO.

In 2009, I joined the Board of Directors for the Off-Road Business Association (ORBA), which fights for land-use rights. I served on the SEMA Board of Directors from 2011–2013, then 2014–present and currently serve on the SEMA Data Co-op Board.

As a true enthusiast, I have been involved in off-road motorsports since the early ’90s. I began racing in the desert, but today my focus is in short-course off-road racing in the competitive Pro-2 class as well as competing in the King of the Hammers.

If re-elected, I will work hard to meet the challenges that face our industry, such as promoting the aftermarket to new customers, getting the next-generation enthusiast and fighting government regulations that stymie business.

Thank you for your consideration.

Brian Lounsberry - CEO, Motovicity Distribution


The hot-rod, off-road, tuner, racing and aftermarket movements all began because of youthful ingenuity and an unbridled passion for speed. Through the decades these same movements have matured into wildly successful industry segments; each one shining a spotlight on the talent and self-expression of enthusiasts.

In addition to our ongoing legislative threats, our industry faces three universal challenges that must be addressed in the coming years:

  1. Properly acknowledging and engaging the youth of our industry.
  2. The hardened misconceptions that exist between manufacturers and distribution.
  3. Educating the industry on pricing policy best practices.

As a member of SEMA’s Board of Directors, I am committed to providing solutions that rectify these looming struggles.


My current role of CEO at Motovicity Distribution is one of 12 years in the making. From my humble beginnings in new accounts to becoming sales manager, I quickly learned the value of urgency. Spending time in shipping and receiving, I discovered the indisputable need for accuracy and consistency in operations. In purchasing, I pushed beyond my comfort zone to learn how to forecast and think strategically. And in marketing, I got to focus my creative mind on messaging that moves the needle.

Before that, the learning curve wasn’t all that different, cutting my teeth for 10 years on every aspect of the truck, custom and 12-volt installer business. All the while, my passion for speed and design brought an array of import cars, off-road bikes and choppers, and classic cars into and out of my life.

More than anything, my career has been fueled by curiosity. Netting me a bona fide understanding and appreciation for every corner of distribution, manufacturing and shop space that I have had the pleasure of experiencing—the things many are fortunate to learn in school, but only a few are lucky enough to experience in life.

I sincerely hope to bring my knowledge, expertise and curiosity to the SEMA Board of Directors and help lead all our generations of enthusiasts forward together.

James Lawrence - CEO, Power Automedia

A future to believe in.

We need your help to save the automotive performance aftermarket.

My name is James Lawrence, and I am running for the SEMA Board of Directors because I believe it is time for change.

We all share something in common: We love the thrill of automotive performance. If we want that magic to continue, we need to take action.

Our industry is facing unprecedented regulatory challenges, and we will soon be at a crossroads that will determine our long-term fate. Fewer young adults are driving than ever before, and many view the automobile as a relic or an environmental disgrace.

It's time we roll up our sleeves and address these issues.

Recently, I was humbled to earn the endorsement of Scooter Brothers, 2010–2013 SEMA Chairman and three-time SEMA Board Member: "James has demonstrated the integrity and business knowledge to be successful, and as a visionary he has the drive and guts to see the vision to completion. I’d recommend James to be a part of the team leading SEMA into the future."

My Priorities are:

Engage the Next Generation—Our industry is at tremendous risk of losing both our customers and employees if we do not engage with today’s young adults.

Serve All SEMA Members Fairly without Politics—Filled with diverse businesses, from small companies to OEs, all members deserve an equal voice with next-gen perspective.

Assist Members with Adopting New Technology—Technology is the oxygen of the future. To stay competitive, we must adopt next-gen marketing, management and manufacturing tech.

Address Government Regulation—We must aggressively work with lawmakers to promote reasonable legislation that preserves our collective right to race and modify our vehicles.


  • President and CEO, Power Automedia 2008–Current
  • President, ProMedia Publishing 1998–2008
  • President, Ford Performance Solutions 1995–1997
  • SEMA Media Person of the Year Award
  • SEMA YEN, Select Committee
  • NMCA/NMRA Tech Committee, Chairperson
  • SEMA YEN Member of the Month
  • NMCA Limited Street World Champion

I respectfully ask for your support and the opportunity to serve the industry with energy and passion.

Learn more at

Shahriar “Nick” Niakan - President & CEO, Advanced Flow Engineering Inc. (aFe Power)

It is a great honor to be considered to serve on SEMA’s Board of Directors. I am asking for your vote so I can make an impact on the future of our industry. If we are not innovating, then we are dying. My whole life, I have lived by this rule. I am a doer and get things done. I will be a force for innovation to make a difference in our market. I am extremely optimistic about the future of SEMA and the critical role it plays.

I am the founder, president and CEO of aFe POWER (Advanced Flow Engineering Inc.) which engineers and manufacturers performance parts, including air/fuel filters, intake and exhaust systems, electronic modules and tuners, turbochargers and suspension products.

My most significant career achievement was starting aFe POWER from scratch and making it the successful and growing company that it is today. I also hold more than 20 U.S. design and utility patents. I’m the recipient of Inland Empire’s Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award for Innovator/Technology–2015, and we won SEMA’s New Product Award for our Diesel Fuel System in the 2016 Performance-Street Product category. I have replicated my passion for innovation by creating and managing highly motivated and successful teams at aFe who can deliver compelling products in record time.

It’s important that SEMA narrows the scope of issues it works on to bring clarity and focus to the most critical ones affecting our industry and enabling concentration on what matters most.

I see the biggest threat to our industry are agencies such as CARB and EPA with their over-reach, which is threatening our livelihood and the enjoyment of our customers. We need to make them accountable for the objectives and standards they were created for.

Our biggest opportunity is the American export market. Auto enthusiasts everywhere want American-designed and American-made products. This would mean expanding programs that protect manufacturers who sell products abroad and protecting intellectual property.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, working out, Judo and soccer. I’m a collector of BMWs, Porsches and have trucks, Jeeps and off-road toys, too.

Dennis Weese - President, LINE-X

My name is Dennis Weese, and I am currently the president of LINE-X Corporation. As many of you know, LINE-X is the industry leader and largest provider of spray-on bed liners and truck accessories in the automotive aftermarket. We currently have almost 500 franchise locations in North America and licensees in more than 50 countries. I am extremely humbled and honored to have been nominated for the SEMA Board of Directors. I consider SEMA to be a wonderful advocate for our industry. If I am fortunate to be selected to serve, I will be committed to ensuring our industry has every chance to be successful and prosper for many years to come. I will work with the other directors to ensure we have successful leadership and a pro-growth environment. Passage of the RPM Act, preventing counterfeiting and ensuring that our industry has access to business loans are things that I am very committed to working on. I am also a member of the Board of Managers for Innovative XCessories & Services, LLC (IXS), the parent company to LINE-X. Prior to joining LINE-X, I served as president and COO of Cash America International, a publicly traded company on the NYSE (CSH). I have also held various leadership positions with companies such as PepsiCo, Limited and Brinker International. Before beginning my corporate career, I served as a commissioned officer and helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army.

I have served on a number of voluntary boards and understand how important good communication and collaboration is to the successful functioning of a board. I have served on the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl and Leadership Council for Harris Methodist Hospital of Fort Worth. I currently serve as an advisory council member for the Raymond J. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University.

I graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point where I received a B.S. in Economics. I also earned an MBA from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.

My wife Beth and I reside in Huntsville, Alabama.