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While Google’s autonomous vehicles have been cruising the streets and highways of the San Francisco Bay Area for the past two years and have logged more than 250,000 miles, the goal isn’t to eliminate human driving but rather to make it safer... Read More

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This program represents the first complete implementation of an innovative program aimed at providing aftermarket companies the opportunity to employ state-of-the-art engineering technologies in addressing the increasingly complex legal and technical challenges they face. While focusing on FMVSS 126, it also provides insights into how these tools and techniques can be used in both marketing and design activities. The Superlift 6” Lift Kit Modified Ford F150 that was the subject of this study exhibited exemplary vehicle dynamics characteristics. Read more...

The historic relationship between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the Aftermarket has been tenuous. On one hand, there have been widely recognized mutually beneficial relationships (Roush/Ford, AMG/Mercedes, Callaway/Chevrolet, etc) but conversely, OEMs often see the Aftermarket companies as adulterers of their pristine creations. Clearly, the Aftermarket does not exist without OEMs. Yet just as definitively, OEMs have often benefited from their products being deemed readily accessible for modification. Read more...

The SEMA Vehicle Dynamics Program encompasses all the performance aspects of the aftermarket and the ESC performance of aftermarket-modified vehicles. If your product affects vehicle acceleration, deceleration, or handling, you need to be able to objectively describe the improvement as well as be aware of the growing regulatory requirements that must be met. Read more...



Technology Disruption and Future-Proofing Your Business

As a kid, John Waraniak, SEMA’s vice president of vehicle technology, never gave much thought to a college education. He did, however, enjoy building fast toys—plundering the neighbors’ throwaways on garbage day and reconfiguring found treasures such as washing-machine pulleys, lawn-mower engines, old wagons and bikes into saleable contraptions. That was the sort of vision and imagination that led him to two master’s degrees as well as engineering soapbox racers, B-2 stealth bombers and Chevrolet motorsports programs. Read more...

SEMA NewsAdvanced Vehicle Technology

As part of our annual look at where automotive technology stands, we recently engaged in a wide-ranging conversation with John Waraniak, SEMA vice president of vehicle technology, delving further into the four advanced vehicle technology megatrends: driving green, driving connected, driving safe and driving cool.

SEMA News: What are the latest advances in electronics, including entertainment, navigation and interactive car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure systems?

John Waraniak: Vehicle electrification, electronics integration and connected-vehicle technologies are... Read more

SEMA CU-ICAR Partnership
SEMA-CU-ICAR Partnership, as shown at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hellwig Product Testing with SEMA
Hellwig Products lets a robot drive to test the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in trucks modified with Hellwig suspension enhancement products.

The SEMA Show isn’t only about performance aftermarket products and over the top accessories, check out this video to uncover hidden techy treasures.

Connected Vehicle Technology: Auto News Now
Video on the future of connected vehicle technology shot, written and edited by Erin O'Connor for Automotive News.
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