SEMA Garage - Industry Innovations Center

Each year, SEMA members introduce thousands of cutting edge tools and accessories designed to add enjoyment to vehicle ownership. While some have universal fitments, many have model-specific applications that require significantly more research and development.

That is why SEMA created the SEMA Garage.

The SEMA Garage gives SEMA Member businesses access to the special high-tech tools and equipment they need to get their products -- whether a $10 set of replacement wiper blades or a $10,000 engine modification -- off the drawing board and into customer hands. It is the only known facility of its kind in the U.S.

Covering 15,000 square feet and filled with nearly $2 million of equipment, the SEMA Garage includes all the tools specialty product developers could hope for and then some, including two vehicle lifts, a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for 3D scanning, a 3D printer for fast prototyping, digital race car scales for the most precise vehicle weight measurements, a dynamometer for power output measurements and more.

Many consider the most valuable asset in the SEMA Garage to be the fully certified Executive Order (EO) aftermarket-part certification lab. Any company wishing to sell aftermarket powertrain parts in the very lucrative California market must get an EO certification. Working in conjunction with the Auto Club, SEMA is able to provide its members with this valuable, low-cost resource for testing and obtaining such certifications.

This temperature controlled test cell can simulate winter in the mountains, summer in the desert or anything in between. Testing meets all federal EPA and California Air Resources Boards (CARB) standards. Capabilities include emissions, fuel economy, acceleration, brake stopping distance, interior/exterior noise levels and handling.

A photo cove large enough to fit a full-size vehicle and complete with a 30'x10' adjustable light box is available to help members develop low-cost, professional marketing pieces for their new products.

For details about the SEMA Garage - Industry Innovations Center, contact Mike Spagnola,, or call 909-978-6707. 



Emissions standards and testing can be complicated. The SEMA Garage has a dyno lab and a fully certified test center, complete with expert staff who are available to help members through the process.

Members can quickly, easily and affordably develop prototypes using the 3-D printer in the SEMA Garage. The printer produces pieces that are durable enough to be tested in the emissions lab prior to going into production.

Through the SEMA Garage, members have access to nearly $2 million worth of tools and equipment, including two vehicle lifts, a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM), and digital race scales for the most precise vehicle weight measurements.

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