2013 SEMA China Business Development Tour

Meet One-On-One with Leading U.S. Specialty Equipment Manufacturers (与顶级美国改装设备生产商进行一对一的会面)

The annual SEMA China Business Development Conference will bring together leading U.S. brands and buyers from throughout China. We invite you to join us in Beijing in September 2014. Registration is complimentary but required. Click here to register: 2014 SEMA China Business Development Program in Beijing China

每年一届的SEMA中国商务发展会议将把美国的领先品牌和来自中国各地买家集聚一堂。我们邀请您9月在北京加入我们。注册免费,但是需要注册。请点击下面链接注册: 2014年中国商务发展会议中国北京
For questions, contact Linda Spencer at lindas@sema.org or call the SEMA Beijing-based China Business Development Program line at (010) 58612482.

如有问题,请联系琳达 斯本瑟,邮箱lindas@sema.org  或者电话SEMA中国北京商务发展会议专线:(010)58612482

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