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7 Ways to Marry E-mail Marketing With Social Media

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Marketers looking to get a handle on social media as a promotional tool have found an easy solution: Integrate the medium into existing e-mail marketing programs. The pioneers of this method say that a little creative contact with current and potential customers on social networks, such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, can add new muscle to tried-and-true e-mail.

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Getting Social on the Job Hunt

While groups of any kind naturally lend themselves to job opportunities, social networks can give your next career move a real bounce if used expertly. Not surprisingly, the best places to start are on the networks with millions of users.

SEMA News - December 2010

Leveraging the Latest Social Media Tools for Your Next Career Move

By Joe Dysart

So Long Net Neutrality

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Google’s recent move to forsake Net Neutrality—the premise that all content on the web should be distributed even- handedly—threatens to have serious consequences for specialty-equipment industry websites, especially if other titans of the Internet follow suit. Slower-loading industry websites and bidding wars for preferential treatment from Internet service providers (ISPs) could become a sobering new reality for auto-parts businesses as the Internet’s current democratization gives way to enhanced service for those with the deepest pockets.

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Reputation Management

While anecdotes abound about professionals who have lost job opportunities over something they’ve posted online, new research reveals that we’re all much more at risk than previously known.

SEMA News - October 2010

In a Tough Job Market, Online Reputation Management Is a Must

By Joe Dysart

PC Productivity Tools That Deliver

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While hundreds of hardware and software solutions emerge on the market each year angling for your PC productivity dollar, only a small percentage offer significant gains. Here’s a sampling of la crème de la crème—PC productivity tools that will leave you wondering how you ever got along without them.

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Website Armageddon

While hackers once delighted in bringing down gargantuan computer networks like those of the Pentagon and multinational corporations, the latest breed is more apt to harass and bully much smaller businesses—including those in the automotive specialty-equipment market.

SEMA News - August 2010

By Joe Dysart

Small Businesses Now in Hackers’ Crosshairs

  SEMA News-August 2010-Internet 

A distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack brought down Advanced Clutch Technology’s website for two weeks, rendering it inoperable.   

Customer Reviews

Riding the momentum of social media’s virtually unbridled growth, consumer reviews have become a powerful, proven tool for spiking company sales and are showing signs of becoming even more potent.

SEMA News - July 2010

A Powerful, Proven Tool

By Joe Dysart

  SEMA News-July 2010-Internet 

PowerReviews offers a scaled-down version of its customer reviews product starting at $29 per month.    

Web Analytics

With Facebook often besting Google these days as the most visited site on the web, it’s no surprise that makers of web analytics software are scrambling to develop new apps aimed at scrutinizing visitor activity there.

SEMA News - June 2010 

A New Emphasis on Facebook

By Joe Dysart

  SEMA News-June 2010-Internet 

Before investing in any web analytics solution, you’ll probably want to give Google Analytics a try, since the online service is free.   

A Security Primer

Hacking, once the province of teenage boys spreading graffiti for kicks and notoriety, is done today by organized, financially motivated gangs, said researchers of “Security Threat Report: 2010,”

SEMA News - May 2010

By Joe Dysart

Bulletproofing Your Online Business Life 


Sophos’ Graham Cluley blog regularly tracks new threats to online security.   

The Rise of the Mobile Web

While e-retailers have made a sport of predicting when mobile e-commerce should really be taken seriously, a new report from market researcher Gartner indicates that the time for guessing games is over.

SEMA News - April 2010

By Joe Dysart

By 2013, the Most Popular Way to Web Surf


Gartner predicted that mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most popular device for accessing the web by 2013.  

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