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Accessory Sales Opportunities

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Recently SEMA News caught up with National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Chairman Ed Tonkin. Tonkin, a multifranchise dealer in Portland, Oregon, discussed the opportunities specialty-equipment sales represent for dealerships as well as the SEMA Dealer Day taking place at this year’s SEMA Show.

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Hottest Vehicles at the Show? How About the Exhibitors’ Choice?!

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The SEMA Show is without a doubt one of the strongest indicators of emerging trends in the automotive industry. Each year, SEMA exhibitors must decide which vehicles will be their “canvass” of choice to highlight the innovative and exciting new products they’ve worked so hard to bring to market. Naturally, exhibitors will select the vehicles for their booths that they believe are the hottest and provide the best opportunity to attract buyers and media at the Show.

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Make a Year's Worth of Contacts in One Hour

It’s the only place during the SEMA Show where you can have quality conversations and exchange business cards with dozens of potential new clients, vendors, mentors, industry leaders and new employee prospects in a matter of minutes. The SEMA Speed Networking Breakfast, powered by SBN, was called “the most talked about event at the SEMA Show” by PowerTV after two years of covering the event.

2010 SEMA Show Exhibitor Deadlines Rapidly Approaching

The 2010 SEMA Show is just four weeks away and deadlines are quickly approaching, which not only ensure services will be provided in a timely manner onsite, but also many contractors offer “early bird” or “advance rates” that can save you money if received by the published deadlines.

Looking for a Show Exhibitor? Your Smartphone Can Help

At the 2010 SEMA Show, attendees will have access to from their web-enabled smartphones.

Exhibitors: Have You Taken Advantage of These SEMA Show Freebies?

Boost your SEMA Show experience by utilizing the tips outlined below. Whether it's your first SEMA Show or your twenty-first, taking advantage of this collection of programs and freebies will have you hitting the Show floor in stride. [Read more]

Is Your Favorite Celebrity Making an Appearance at the 2010 SEMA Show?

The SEMA Show gathers auto industry professionals from around the world looking to make new customers, identify the latest trends and technologies and grab an insider's peek of what the $29 billion specialty-equipment industry is all about. The week-long automotive hot spot also collects some of the most popular industry personalities and celebrities—some human, some made of metal.

To see all of the celebrities making appearances at the 2010 SEMA Show, access the Celebrity Appearances list located on The list provides the times, dates and booth locations.

Host a Student, Help the Industry

With growing concerns about the next generation's perception of cars, SEMA has a tangible way the industry can extend a hand to college students attending the SEMA Show. "We feel it's critical to help students and companies in the aftermarket connect at the industry's leading trade show," said Jamie Eriksen, SEMA Education Director. "Now more than ever, the industry needs to proactively engage the next generation and let them know 'We have a place for you here.' Many years ago we developed the SEMA Show Student Program for this express purpose."

Have the Hottest GM Vehicle? Prove it at the SEMA Show

General Motors Design Awards program returns for the 2010 SEMA Show, and the automaker will search for the best, most innovative builds in various categories.

The Latest TPMS Tools, Profit Tips and More at the Global Tire Expo—Powered by TIA

The Tire Industry Association (TIA), one of the leading global authorities on tires, will present the following educational sessions for the 2010 Global Tire Expo–Powered by TIA, which is a part of the 2010 SEMA Show, taking place November 2–5, 2010, in Las Vegas. For the latest Expo information and updates, visit the “Events” section of
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