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Member Benefit: Cut Product Development Costs and Time Through Rapid Prototyping

There’s always a lot going on for SEMA-member manufacturers at the SEMA Garage Innovations Center. The resources available can help you drastically cut your product development time and costs.

Get Camaro ZL1 CAD Data Before It's Released

The SEMA Tech Transfer Program—which provides members access to vehicle CAD files from participating OEMs—has expanded its offerings with the addition of data files for the 2012 ZL1 Camaro.

New Website Launched for SEMA's 3D Product Prototyping Service

A new web page has been created for the SEMA Rapid Prototyping Program—a service that creates ABS plastic prototypes of your designs at a reduced members-only rate.

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Remember the Sci-Fi television programs of the ‘50s and ‘60s in which engineers of the future could stand in front of a computer device, order up practically any space sprocket or gizmo and watch it materialize in seconds, ready for use? Believe it or not, that future is here—and has been for some time.

While not as instantaneous as their fictional counterparts, there are computerized machines that can replicate solid, intricate 3-D objects in a process now being dubbed “3-D printing.”

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