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Retailer Toolbox: Instruments to Adapt and Evolve in Today's Retail Environment

Here’s the big news: The SEMA Data Co-op is currently building SEMA Search, an online product look-up tool powered by the SDC product information library.

YouTube's Redesign: Tips to Make Your Site Look Great on All Devices

Businesses looking for a quick fix to the increasingly vexing challenge of getting their web presence to look good on all screen sizes—including smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs—may want to turn to YouTube.

Coming Up in SEMA News’ October Issue

SEMA News is the monthly magazine published by SEMA that reaches more than 18,000 key automotive specialty-equipment businesses.

Car Care Pros Reformulate Their Approach to Modern Finishes

Anyone who has ever walked into a retail store knows that the number of car-care options available can be overwhelming, even to the most hardcore car guy.

Insuring Your Specialty Vehicle—The Basics and More

Whether they be OEM “dollar vehicles” or shop display cars, the aftermarket loves to promote itself through project builds and other collectible autos.

Examining Russia's Growing Specialty-Equipment Market

SEMA News recently traveled to Moscow to take a look at the center of the specialty-equipment market in the world’s largest country in terms of area (more than 6.6 million square miles).

Product Data Management: Easier Than You Think

Not too long ago, it took an expert in HTML to enable you to launch a website for your business. It was all very mysterious and was often communicated in a “trust us, you wouldn’t understand” manner.

Old-School Marketing Tool Now a Top Trend

Three new studies have unearthed a startling trend in online marketing: The traditional feature article—used for centuries to market brands in conventional media—is now the go-to digital marketing tool for 2013.

SEMA Heritage: Long-Haul Roadsters

The Hot Rod Power Tour is nearing its 20th birthday (this year’s running in June swings from Texas to North Carolina), but the roots of long-distance hot-rod hauling go back much further than that.
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